Your Mindset Matters – Get a Grip!


Mindset is the established set of beliefs and attitudes you possess. Your definition of success, your hopes and fears, the belief in your ability to prevail in the face of adversity – these elements all shape a mindset.

A judgemental mind is when you perceive your talents, intelligence (mental or emotional) in a way that does not serve you well. A misguided attitude coupled with the inability to apply what you know can be a deadly formula.

Why Shift From a Judgemental to a Growth-Oriented Mindset?

So you have a dream and believe in yourself! Ok good start, but in order to realize your true potential you must also tap into the kind of motivation that will result if applied effort. — to put your beliefs into measurable action.  

  • Watch this short clip called You’re Self-employed – The Flu – No Sick Pay? – Dan Trepanier’s Advice – Hang in There! 
  • It’s a perfect example whereby I have the vision for my practice, all the skills to get the job done, but because I’m feeling a little under the weather (recovering from the flu)
  • I struggled that week with motivation. On that particular day I was physically well enough to work but my judgemental mindset was hampering my ability to persist.
  • All I needed was another 45 minutes to finish a piece of writing. What I wanted to do was plop myself down on the couch and show down on a bag of cookies.

Your Mindset Matters – Get a Grip!

Our minds constantly interpret and judge what’s happening in and around us. Sometimes our interpretations go awry. – we fall off track and go to a place of negativity or complacency.

A mindset masked in believing that, for instance, you’re great at photography is only 1/2 the battle. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your technical photography skills are all it takes to compete in today’s saturated market. You need the other 1/2 of the equation which to apply the required effort.

I call it the magical ‘working smart skills’ coupled with ‘working hard effort’ formula.

Do you remember time when you could choose between working smart OR working hard?  These days I’m noticing you need both to achieve success.

Have A Growth Oriented Mindset

What I am talking about a growth mindset based on the belief that your talents are a starting point, to be improved upon through commitment, focused action and a love to learn and try new things. This includes a tolerance to make mistakes.

  • Your aim is to develop and maintain a habit of constantly monitoring your mindset to ensure perceptions support constructive action that shifts you toward the right goals.

“I do not divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures… I divide the world into the learners and non-learners.” Benjamin Barber, Eminent Sociologist.  

How do I shift from a Judgemental to a Growth Oriented Mindset? 

Hoping or thinking something will happen is not the same as truly believing, deep down in the pit of your gut, that ‘you will make it happen”.

Shifting from ‘thinking’ it will happen to ‘knowing’ it will happen (before it happens) moves you from a cognitive, to a kinesthetic and visual perception of reality – you feel and see as if ‘it has’ already happened. Only then are you fully committed to overcoming the inevitable mountain of obstacles that will shift your way. 

Have a present tense self concept of a future tense aim. 

  • ‘I am a great photographer, in demand by people who pay me well for my work.’ That’s a very different statement than ‘one day I will be a great photographer and people will pay me for my work.’ Do you notice the subtle yet important difference? 

Believe with all your might that IT WILL HAPPEN!

Read and watch the short clip (link below) on the challenges I faced in producing this post.

When my thinking shifted from I think I want to be a writer, to one day I will be a writer, to I am a writer -- I then began to act and produce like a real writer.  

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer