Why YOU Must Learn to Forgive


You have not lived until you have learned to forgive someone who has hurt you.

Forgiveness is a transformative process that is not always easy to do.

It is rather impossible to escape the inevitable act of having to forgive someone at some point. When someone betrays us and we tend to interpret forgiveness as a betrayal of ourselves.

  • What’s the cost to your long-term happiness by holding a grudge?

The cost of not moving forward to live your life on your own terms? To live OUT your calling? While it might seem like holding the grudge is your sweet revenge, it’s bad for your mental health. When you fail to forgive you waste so much energy reliving the bad experience. The memory of the incident persists like a bad fart on a crowded dance floor.

When YOU forgive, you stop the preoccupation with the hurtful incident. You move forward and mature as a balance self-determined person.

Some people have difficulty forgiving and stay angry for years.

  • The secret is to confront the feelings that prevent you from forgiveness.

On the flip side do you forgive too much? Are you in an abusive relationship whereby you keep forgiving your perpetrator. Don’t get into the habit of forgiving your abusers if they are unwilling to change for the better. You must learn from your experiences and move on!

Pseudo forgiveness.

Fake forgiveness. On the surface, it seems like you have forgiven, but deep down inside, you keep on suffering. You can say I forgive you in the most poetic way without even meaning it. It is easy to write a poem. Try to live the poem.

Some people have this annoying habit of always asking for forgiveness. They’re the ones who apologize for insignificant, everyday things. Oh sorry for being so tired. Sorry for not saving you that extra piece of cake. If you’re this person, you need work on your self-confidence level. Without it, it will be hard to progress in life.

Being incapable of accepting forgiveness. It is a similar process as being incapable of forgiving. If this is you, you can feel guilty and depressed for months, or even years. Depression and guilt are going to stand on your way of personal growth.


Who do you need to forgive for something?

Why YOU Must Learn to Forgive

People pretend they are perfect until they disappoint us. Boo-hoo. Deal with it through letting go.

Holding a grudge takes a lot of space in your mind, a space that you could fill with what matters to you. Free your headspace. Forgive and grow as a person. If you can’t forgive others, how are you going to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is always trendy. Wear it like a scarf. Just be careful it doesn’t choke you.

Here is how.....

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal & Wellness Trainer