WHY Do YOU Avoid Change?


The longer you keep cluttering your brain with problems the more you get attached to them.

One thing I have learned over the years is that everything you do (or don’t do) serves a purpose. Including hanging onto problems that get in the way of your personal GROWTH.

Hanging on to your troubles gives you certainty and an excuse to not shift beyond your comfort zone.

Your problems are in your head.

To evolve you have to change and not everyone is comfortable with change — are you?

There is a phenomenon related to your problems. It plays a strong part in many of your struggles. It often appears as resistance to change. Some people become aware of it while others need more time to realize whats going on.

It has nothing to do with intelligence and more to do with resisting change and the perceived discomfort of leaving your comfort zone.

Change is hard and requires discipline and motivation.

Let’s take panic attacks as an example. Panic attacks are uncomfortable and paralyzing. If you’ve ever had one you know they are a bugger to get rid of. Let’s say you want to stop having panic attacks so that you can find and keep that demanding job. When you dig deeper, you might notice a strong feeling of self-doubt towards your job search efforts.

Maybe you think you are not capable of performing as you new employer expects? Maybe you think you are not competent or ready? Maybe you are not even sure you want the dam job?

If you look at your panic attack from this perspective, you understand how the mind process sub-conscious behaviours to avoiding job searching.  It dynamic gives you more time to decide what you want to do with you life, without feeling guilty for not working on your resume. No one can accuse you of being lazy or not interested when you are having a panic attack.  The problem is that there’s a disconnect between your problem and the solution that you can quite put your finger on.

When you are in internal conflict you are prone to anxiety, panic and other paralyzing symptoms.

Can you relate to what I am saying here?

When you take your problems with you wherever you go without a solid plan to resolve your issues you don’t treat the underlying problem.  Problems that clutter your mind even when you want to chill withy your friends on a Friday evening.

You’ve got to figure out a way to clear your head!



To achieve growth, significance, contribution, connection and belonging you have to resolve your problems. 

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellnes Trainer