Benefits of TRX Suspension Training


Improve cardio, strength

In addition to improving muscle strength, you also gain cardiovascular endurance. Change exercise speeds to speed increase your heart and lungs capacity.

Suitable for all levels

Change your TRX body position slightly and the load is increased or decreased on your muscles. Everyone can use this method of training.

Strong and stable core

Helps significantly prevent injuries not only in the lower back, but in the whole of the body


Two TRX adjustable bands provide a comprehensive workout to every single muscle in your body.

Achieve Goals

With the versatility of the TRX suspension training, any goal can be achieved. Gain muscle strength, lose weight or even train for a special event. Whatever your goal, TRX suspension training will produce results .

Engage whole body

The instability that the TRX suspension system creates whilst you perform movements means your core is constantly activated. Functional movements mean many muscles are worked at the same time, providing a very comprehensive, all over session.

Low impact nature

Because of its suspended nature, TRX suspension training is low impact.  Joints are not put under much stress with low risk of injury. Train hard with minimal risk of causing or agitating a pre-existing injury.

It's different

By combining TRX suspension training with other activities, you get a great workout in a fun and new way. Mix TRX into your normal Personal Training with Dan Trepanier to  to liven it up.

Keep engaged and look forward to your sessions time and again.

Integrated exercises engage intensive, interconnected movements, often multi-planar, which require coordinated efforts. This type of exercise enhances the nervous system’s ability to effectively coordinate movement at higher levels and build strong motor patterns, increase stabilization and functional muscle mass.
If you work several muscles or muscle groups at one time in wide variety of movements through a wide range of motion, the muscle mass grows proportionately and evenly, decreasing the risk of injury during sports and increasing overall performance.

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Functional Fitness

Multiple muscle groups to strengthen in a holistic way (versus one specific muscle group at a time). This strategy includes practical,  balanced-challenging movements that stimulate every day activities. Plus you counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. 
Dan Trepanier

Mentor , Personal Wellness Trainer