Have you ever wanted to grab some recording gear, and head out on the water to shoot some cool video and interview someone interesting?


Perhaps your motivation is to craft a story about someone's creative process. Or maybe you want to create a prototype of an inspirational video to show others, so you can get more people pumped about being INTERVIEWED NEXT!

Whatever your motivation or idea I say just go for it! Here's a link to a video I created (with my team) from a Boston Whaler powerboat and my 30' sailboat along Toronto Islands Inner harbour (Toronto Island Marina) It's the first of a bunch of videos I intend to create with other culturally creative people every summer.

A Story of Trilogy - Crafting Moments of Pain Into Art

A Story of Trilogy - Crafting Moments of Pain Into Art

Do you have a wild idea you want to launch! Then hit reply to this email and connect with me. I would love to hear your idea and see if I can assist in any way.

This story came together by me connected with a friend and talented photographer, and stylist John Paul (or 'J.P ma boy'). He offered to shoot some camera and styling to 'kick it' with Taylor Goldfarb, also known as Trilogy -- thanks guys!

As for you who are listening and absorbing this message. I encourage to connect with me and embrace your five core human needs for Growth, Significance, Contribution, Connection and Belonging.

Here is the transcript from the recording

This recording is a story of a fantastic day that was spent on the fresh waters of Toronto's inner harbour. It's about a peek into the creative souls of 4 people who came together, including myself.

This story came together by me connected with a friend and talented photographer stylist John Paul (or J.P my boy). He offered to shoot some camera and styling and kick it with Taylor Goldfarb also known as Trilogy. 

In the clips there you see her with and her also creative and highly supportive partner Natasha. -- probably one of her biggest fans.

Backing the photoshoot was my recorded conversation with Trilogy about being an artist, the pain and struggles, and the love that keeps that fire alive when the wind gets heavy. -- as she says

For me it was my first spontaneously recorded interview of the summer from my 30' sailboat --- with as Taylor says .... just a youngin' doing what she loves...MUSIC!

In Aug 2016 -- a month from this recording... Taylor and Natasha are packing the U-haul and heading west... way west to just outside Vancouver, British Columbia... In a big way, I admire their courage to take such an exciting journey!

You know we're all built upon the manifestation of our kindred spirit fostered by a desire to do what matters. To make a difference. To share our story. To improve the quality of life one simple act at a time. To be pragmatic yet whimsical every day. To embrace our diversity, foster social inclusion and let's face it have fun along the way!

Taylor has released the third and final installment of her first mix-tape trilogy, called Third Time’s The Charm. Kept short and sweet at 7 songs and I encourage you to listen to it via the link below this post.

A little background here...

Taylor was born and raised in the small city of Belleville, Ontario -- a few hours east of Toronto, and made a name for herself as the only Femcee around. For those of you who don't know a femcee is a woman who raps or freestyles. The female equivalent of an 'emcee'.

Taylor ... a.k.a Trilogy at the time of this story lives in Toronto and says that the music business isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. According to her, These people won’t hand you showtime so you better be ready to fight for what you rightfully deserve"

Think about that... ain't nobody going to hand it to you on a silver platter ... whether its music, writing, blogging, vLogging, or whatever turns your crank in the digital and entertainment world

For her, she sees 20/20 and her bust out year and in the meantime continues to write from real-life experiences, crafting moments of pain into art, and I think that’s what is most beautiful about Hip Hop, her work and making connections.

Think about what -- it takes years to bust out! and you don't do it for the money -- as you'll hear from our interview.

What attracted me to collaborating with Trilogy was well first off my good friend John Paul offered to do a photoshoot and asked for my support. -- and of course, I jumped all over the opportunity to co-creating something fun with cool people. At 55 hang out with people 1/2 your age and you'll live forever -- but that's another story.

Picture a backdrop being Toronto Island and the inner harbour of lake Ontario with the iconic CN Tower. --- and of course, I have access to a powerboat and sailboat so I gladly agreed to help out....  everybody wins when doing what matters and in this case, we all brought our passion, desire to share, and commitment to help each other look good.

In a way, it's us striving to overlay our unique voices onto the digital media world.

For Trilogy it's about bringing words to the soul through music and rap. For JP it's about using a camera to bring the artist to life in picturesque surroundings, and for me, it's about facilitating a process, to mentor and help others do what matters to live and work on their own terms --- not always easy to pull off my friend.

After all, the creative process is messy, frustrating and painful at the best of times.. but we do what we do because we have an innate need to live OUT our calling.

Deep down inside Trilogy, her partner Natasha, John Paul know that others like them have the capacity to build a life that matters, to develop the right kind of personal and professional relationships they deserve. It’s about doing what it takes to live on your own terms and the terms of those near and dear to you — to be a doer, a giver, a creator, a leader, a mentor, a collaborator and a bit of a challenger of the status quo along the way.

So on that beautiful summer day, four of us came together to craft our own stories knowing that we inspire as we get inspired and connect with other kindred spirits.

We came together to support craziness and passion. To explore new ways to express creativity, and bring the vision of our individual and collective ideas to a crowded marketplace.

For Trilogy there's the love of expression through rap and music that keeps that fire alive when the wind gets heavy. - I love that metaphor

Toronto is mad peaceful from the Island Marina, whereby the way I live and work on my blissfully special and intimate 30's sailboat.

I think Tyler, Natasha and J.P are well aware that they're always welcome back.

So kick back and listen to what Taylor has to say...... and thanks for listening!