Have you ever wanted to grab some recording gear, and head out on the water to shoot some cool video and interview someone exciting?

Perhaps your motivation is to craft a story about someone's creative process. Or maybe you want to create a prototype of an inspirational video to show others, so you can get more people pumped about being INTERVIEWED NEXT!

Whatever your motivation or idea, I say just go for it! Here's a link to a video I created (with my team) from a Boston Whaler powerboat and my 30' sailboat along Toronto Islands Inner harbour (Toronto Island Marina). 

It's the first of a bunch of videos I intend to create with other culturally creative people every summer.

This story came together by me connected with a friend and talented photographer, and stylist John Paul (or 'J.P. ma boy'). He offered to shoot some camera and styling to 'kick it' with Taylor Goldfarb, also known as Trilogy -- thanks, guys!

A Story of Trilogy - Crafting Moments of Pain Into Art

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