Look at that view behind me. Is that not amazing or what? Absolutely incredible!!

In fact, so many people who come to Toronto for the first time are enamored with that view, and it’s incredible. It’s a Friday. It’s August. It’s going to get a little chilly later this evening but that’s OK.  Behind me is a plane about to take off from the Toronto Island Airport. I’m with a few friends and on Ken’s boat. 

“I’m taking a little bit of a break from producing videos and writing all week. I’ve had a couple of incredibly productive days, and this is one way I feed my soul and creative process.”

I’ve decided to produce more spontaneous videos like this one. – Informal, brief and inspiring. 

I would love to hear from you on some topics that you would like me to talk about. Just send me a message, and let’s connect.

“What about YOU? What do you do to feed your soul after a challenging week?”


Dan Trepanier