See the Bigger Picture when Life Doesn’t Go Your Way


LEARN How to See the Bigger Picture when Life Doesn't Go Your Way (B3L)

Life has always had its ups and downs. I know it's hard to see the bright side when times are tough, but you have to. Forgetting to see the bigger picture can lead to depression.

Let's talk about this "picture" for a bit and why you should remember to look at it from time to time.

How Life Changes when Something Terrible Happens

Everyone deals with problems differently, but when something truly bad happens, we all tend to react the same. I'm not talking about panic or anger; I don't think those feeling are quite universal.

What we do is narrow our field of view. Our brains go into "crunch mode" and everything not related to the problem simply disappears.

It's a good defense mechanism because we can focus on a solution. The not-so-good part comes when we've done everything we can and still stay in that mode. At that point, not being able to see the bigger picture starts to take its toll on you.

Some things just can't be helped. We won't be able to avert every disaster. What we can do is keep on living.

  1. How to Get on with Your Life
  2. How to See the Bigger Picture
  3. How to Lead a Happy Life

While it might be nice to believe in love at first, believing in a perspective at first site is not nice If your perspective is depressing. No matter the situation you’re going through, keep in mind that it’s only temporary.

You can not see the bigger picture If you are obsessing about pixels. And don’t get me started on the glitches. Expanding your view is how you Photoshop for your mind. It might look fake at the beginning, but you know how they say – fake it till you make it!


Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer

How to Get on with Your Life

I imagine that you've heard advice to the tune of "Think happy thoughts and the bad stuff will go away". I do believe that it's good advice, but it's almost always badly explained and poorly understood.

You can't just tune out something terrible. I understand that. The thing is that while you're still in this "crunch mode", things won't go back to normal. People can stay like this for whole years.

If you want to be alone with your thoughts, do that. Take your time and let your feelings flow. Keeping them bottled up isn't helping anyone. When you're done, though, start reconnecting with the world.

In my opinion, nothing works better in times like these than spending time with your loved ones. They can be your pillar after your world has been turned upside-down. Hobbies are another great activity that will help you reconnect with yourself.

Whatever brings you comfort and closure, go for it. After all, the first step to healing a wound is to let it close.

How to See the Bigger Picture

Now that things don't seem so dire anymore, it's time to do some thinking. I can't promise that it will be pleasant, but it will do you good.

I want you to look at how things were going before the problem appeared and how they are now. Just think about the things that brought you to this point and you'll see that there wasn't anything more you could have done.

Don't forget about all the happy moments you've had and the things you've achieved. You just have to take the good with the bad and accept that some things are out of your control. Think about this long and hard.

After you see the bigger picture, the question will no longer be "What have I done?". It will be "What do I do now?".

How to Lead a Happy Life

I assume you were pursuing some goals before the whole ordeal. It's time you pick up where you left off. While things are different now, they don't necessarily have to be worse.

You can learn something from any experience. Keep following your dreams and don't forget to look at the bigger picture. A change of perspective from time to time can give us much clarity.


I hope this article helps you through hard times and enables you to see things for what they are.