Solo sailing, suddenly a storm hits and I’m a little freaked out. This experience teaches me a lesson in doing what matters to face and overcome my fears. The same principles can be applied in other areas of life. – 1.21min video

The Story

It’s nasty outside and I hear thunder and see lightening all around me.

What I’ve done is lower my sails and I cranked the engine and motoring as fast as I can to shore. It looks like I’m out of harms way because if you see right ahead there are clear skies even though, literally four miles out there’s a lightning storm. I do see a few boats out of the water but my little blissful sail has turned into quite the adventure as you can see from this video.

This is this is the weirdness of being out here on Lake Ontario, but you know I’m having fun, I’m in with the elements. I’m under control…I’m in control and even though I am here all alone. I’ve got my radio in my pocket, a flashlight in and…..mmmmm wait……(pause then sound of thunder) …….

…..Ok I hear thunder so I had better turn this selfie cam off and stay away from wires.

That’s my story….It’s exciting and I actually wish I was in an office pod right now pushing government paperwork …. (pause) mmmmm not really this is this is what life is all about this is my story.