I Respect Your Privacy – Considerations for Sharing Personal Info on DanTrep and Social Media


I got some feedback from someone the other day, and they were concerned about their privacy.

Particularly for somebody who is coming from a developing country where being gay or lesbian is a really big problem, and I want to assure you that I really respect your confidentiality, and I really respect your privacy.

And so, you just tell me what it is you need. I've set up a SECRET Facebook group. Some people are even still afraid of the secret Facebook group. Yet, I have to say this, it is critically important at some point you trust somebody. If you want to give me a fake name, that's fine. But somehow you've gotta figure out a way to have a Facebook profile where you can connect with other people that are kindred spirits, that go through the same challenges that you go through. And if it takes messenger, or some other app to be able to communicate. If it takes having a double persona, then just do whatever it takes, but communicate with me, and be authentic, and be real. And communicate with other people.

I think this is the challenge if you want to connect to the community, then you have to put yourself out there in the community. And I guess, perhaps, the simplest thing that I could suggest is that maybe you do figure out a way to have two Facebook profiles.

If you're a Muslim person, for example, living in a community, there's the old guilty by association. You know, you don't want to be associated with my stuff, my website, because people will say, "Why are you communicating, and talking with this gay man from North America?". You need to figure out a way to do this, and so chat with me around that, because what's at stake here is your spirit.

"What is at stake here is your soul. To do what matters, to live, and to work on your own terms, and to live life to its fullest, and to be a happy person.  To be a happy person you've got to figure out a way to connect with other people, and not be living a double life."

And so, right now, I'm at Toronto Island, just a little FYI. Let's change the subject here. I'm walking around, it's a beautiful, beautiful Saturday. And the sun is shining, and while I'm particularly enjoying, is just being able to be a spontaneous, and to shot some videos, and share some thoughts with you. And totally not related to what we were talking about, 'cause I do ramble. If you know me, you know I ramble. I want you to take a look at that boat behind me. I love that boat. I see that boat on the water all the time, and so my goal is to have a boat like that one day. Now, a boat like that is very expensive. I don't actually think I'm going to have a boat like that because I don't charge enough for my coaching services. I give stuff away, but it's still nice to hang on to a dream. Maybe I an get a fixer-upper or something like that. For me it's about five core human needs, significance, connection, belonging, contribution, and personal growth. And that's what it should be about for you. It's not necessarily about having a fancy boat like that, or a big fancy house. It's about connecting with other people. It's about doing what matters to live and work on your own terms.

And that means honoring your sexuality, and figuring out a way to connect with other people that are like you.

Love you guys, send me a message, and lets connect.


Dan Trepanier