In 2012 I was thrilled when asked to consult on the national implementation of a SAM 2.0 Wiki with a creative group of people at YMCA Canada. – Dan Trepanier

In Sept of that year our new Wiki initiative was launched. This platform quickly became the go-to resource for staff across the country to access, share and collaborate on tools, information and reports. Evolving into a vibrant community of practice moved the YMCA towards their ‘PLAN Y’ goal of strengthening impact by building and sharing knowledge of what works best. 

Wiki Platform Becomes a National Go-to Resource

SAM 2.0 (Serving All Members) is a quality assurance program for member experiences in health and fitness centres. Continued learning and sharing of best practices ensure staff and volunteers are able to continue improving member experiences..

The new SAM Wiki supports collaboration between staff and management and has a human side to make the technology work. We are on the right track by creating some Wiki excitement around the upcoming SAM College events. It’s critical to give these folks reasons to interact and visit the SAM Wiki often. – Jody Kyle Vice-President – Program Development | Vice-présidente, Développement des programmes, YMCA Canada

Our User Adoption Goals

  • Immediate Desired Outcomes
    • Create national awareness of the SAM-Wiki’s as a new and exciting resource
    • Drive traffic to the Wiki and convert visitors to registered users
  • Ongoing Desired Outcomes
    • New users regularly visit the wiki to; view pages, contribute comments, upload documents and create pages as part of their regular work day
    • Users spread the word; invite colleagues across Canada to register as a Wiki user

I think the number one complaint about the introduction of any new collaborative tools into any organization is that user adoption is slow. So we need to become a lot better with the user adoption piece. We learned through trial and error as people suggested and we implemented best practices. No matter how good the Wiki navigation was at the time, we knew that expecting users to go in and “figure it out themselves” would be a challenge. Every time a new collaborative technology is launched, more effort and resources should go into the user adoption piece than the technology itself.  — this is he key to success! – Dan Trepanier, WIKI Project Manager


The wiki is a tool to support subject matter experts in Health, Fitness and Recreation to increasing organization performance by:
  • Reduce rework and prevent “reinvention of the wheel”
  • Spawn new ideas for products and services
  • Decrease the learning curve of new employees
  • Respond more rapidly needs and inquiries
  • Participation on the wiki is open to any YMCA Health, Fitness and Recreation staff and volunteers.

In crafting user adoption metrics for the SAM 2.0 Wiki it’s important to track promotional activities (via various distribution channels) and the outcomes related to those activities (conversion rates).

Now, how easy is it to get your team on-board? Let me coach you and help you access your own Atlassian Wiki resources… it’s easy.  – Dan Trepanier