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BEYOND the Gym!


1Sometimes, personal growth means seizing the right moment to read the right article, watch the right video. YOU want to grow in mind, body and spirit. To feel significant and contribute to life’s quality. To belong and connect with others!

2It’s about doing what it takes to live life on your own terms and the terms of those near and dear to you — to be a doer, a giver, a creator, a leader, a mentor, a collaborator and a bit of a challenger of the status quo along the way.

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What I am offering you is an opportunity to start a conversation and give more thought to what's exciting and calling you to make a shift to live and work on your own terms. Dan Trepanier

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer

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I Promise you I will....

  • make the content you get about YOU the reader not about me or what I am selling.
  • take people who are curious about what I do and turn them into loving fans.
  • use my best content — the kind that makes readers glad every time they click-through.
  • not exaggerate, or over-promise.
  • collaborate to help you solve the problems you want to solve. To give you the short, quick wins you need to achieve results.
  • show you a genuine, no bull approach that offers the practical ADVICE, SUPPORT & RESOURCES.

10 benefits YOU gain from our collaborative learning and mentoring partnership.

  1. Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  2. Advice that develops your strengths and helps you overcome challenges.
  3. Guidance on living OUT your calling.
  4. Opportunities to develop new skills, attitudes, and knowledge.
  5. Growth – Significance – Contribution – Connection – Belonging.
  6. A sense of pride and satisfaction knowing we're both doing what matters to live and work on our own terms.
  7. Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches.
  8. Opportunity to reflect on goals and practices.
  9. Development of our personal leadership and coaching styles.
  10. Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader.

Core Skills Beyond the Gym

Invest In YOU

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Habits Beyond the GYM

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6 Things I Can Help YOU Get

  1. Identify one simple thing you should be doing on a regular basis - that moves YOUR life Forward.
  2. Connect with a respected colleague, friend, fellow collaborator who can relate to your challenges.
  3. Agreement to touch base with each other. You set the interval period. Phone, email, carrier pigeon, banging on a tree trunk. Whatever works -- just do it!
  4. A simple process that's easy to manage and affordable.
  5. Results you can see right away.
  6. A sense of satisfaction and pride focusing on what matters!

 I'll keep you accountable, focused and on track!

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This is YOUR TIME to make it happen!


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Dan's No Hassle Risk Free Guarantee

No locked in contract. I'll under-promise, over-deliver and produce results.

Happy people have, or strive for this.......

You seek meaningful work and are likely to be involved in lifelong learning.


You are interested in helping other people, and developing and maintaining relationships. You value authenticity, feel a closeness to (at least some) other people, appreciate life in general, have a self-created system of morality and, usually judge others objectively rather than with prejudices. As part of our healthy living lifestyle, we value healthy aging. You are interested in preventative and proactive health, wellness solutions, holistic disease prevention, complementary medicine and alternative practices such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. We feel interconnected to all of life. We have solved most of our basic survival challenges (food, shelter, clothing, energy etc.) by adjusting our lifestyle through having our finances and spending under control or, creating abundance or, through both.


      • Feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.
      • Success is when your followers value your perspective, relate to your original, unique voice, and consider your message relevant in their lives. Engage others to create content based on doing what matters.
      • Creating, launching or maintaining a life and work can be an emotional roller coaster. There are hi’s and low’s to manage and for some people self-doubt can be debilitating.

SHIFT beyond the GYM

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