When It’s So Hard to Say NO To Fun Distractions But I Must If I Am To Move My Projects Forward

I’m sitting at the marina while my neighbours enjoy the boating life tied up at a dock, anchored on the water, sailing or cruising around the lake. It’s hard to say NO to fun but sometimes I must if I am to move my ideas forward.  It’s the work hard play hard marina mantra. Always invited on a boat for a beer and food 7 days a week. It’s hard to say no to fun distractions but I must if I am to move my projects forward. Boating and self-indulgence have gone hand-in-hand longer than you or I have been on this planet. Sometimes being in vacation mode week after week can have a negative effects on one’s health. Far too many of my dock mates drink way too much, eat shit food and rarely exercise.

Unless you have a reasonable degree of impulse control its easy to get pulled into this abyss. Behaviours that ultimately affect your ability to live a balanced self-determined lifestyle and move your projects forward.

I live on my sailboat at least 5 months of the year and am determined to not go down that ‘slippery-slope’. I’m not destined to turn into one of those salty red-faced boozy boaters who don’t age gracefully. I’ve come to treat my boat as a sacred work and play place. An environment that fosters an enhanced sense of connection, belonging, significance, contribution and growth. Rich words that have broad meaning.

“Moderation” is a hard path to follow for someone who oozes of passion and intensity.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my cold beer and good times chilling with friends — but within the right context. Akiya, my 30 foot sailboat, is the vessel that feeds my spirit, mind and body like nowhere else can. She’s the ultimate creative place designed to take being cool and humble to a whole new level. Our destiny is to bring out the best in each other to launch new #ProudLife and #DanTrep content for my clients. While writing this piece I sit in her cockpit in awe that I can Live Love Learn and work on a sailboat full-time. At least until my money runs out or I make more. For the last two years I’ve been saving and planning to upgrade her cockpit to the marine equivalent of a screened in porch deep in the forest. — and now it’s finally done. I worked hard to get to this place — the ultimate happy space. A floating vessel that brings out the best in my work and play flow. I just have to find a reasonably priced unlimited internet plan. My current plan sucks. I’ve come to accept that I live an unusual lifestyle. Thank God I don’t have debt and have done well with my investments. This modest degree of temporary financial independence gives me time and space to focus on what matters —— total freedom to create. Make no mistake living on a boat is not for the faint hearted. The upkeep is overwhelming at the best of times. Everything on a boat is challenging (except for my rainy day afternoon naps). The space is tight, resources are limited, the distractions endless. My problem solving and focus skills are constantly tested. My patience pushed to the limit. Being on my boat is my ultimate happy place. It’s where I feel safe from the crazy world we live in today. Its where I feel most grounded and safe. — even during a storm. In a way she is like a soul that speaks to me. She’s my guardian angel who treats me well simply because I respect her and treat her well in return. I would not hesitate to spend my last dime, or breath on her upkeep. She’s a deeply intimate space. When you enter as my guest you will be moved and changed. You will gain a degree of insight you can not gain anywhere else. — If you’re invited. No wonder ship captains do down when they sink, see their vessels as mistresses, and are fiercely protective of the on board protocols. I actually talk to my boat — and I am not ashamed to admit it. She makes me cry and she makes me laugh. She scares the hell out of me. She pisses me off and takes all my money. Yes I know she’s an object made of resin, wood and other composites but it’s what she represents that’s so special. — A #ProudLife I have yet to meet a person who’s been an on board and not articulated the memory of the profoundly unique experience Dan’s guest. And yet the average person simply does not get it. — Does not get the hook. — that’s OK. As long as I and her guest do that’s fine. Aside from being the ultimate man cave she has the potential to be an awesome recording studio. Where I produce mountains of good writing, inspirational podcasts and sometimes pure crap. — excellence, average and bad all wrapped up in an evolving art form called LIVING, LOVING AND LEARNING on my own terms, my own time, my own space. One aim is to help others get a taste of ‘happy place’ if even for just the afternoon. Ahh so this is what ‘living the life’ feels like? mmm could I do the same in my own unique way I often ask is Akiya can help me turn ‘my energy into a multimillion dollar practice? —— probably one day but likely not if I don’t bring others into my magical #DanTrep world of living the #ProudLife in a collaborative way. I’ve been working on customizing Akiya for five seasons now. Fine woodwork and upgrades to most of her mechanical systems, new rigging and more to come. — it never ends and I’m comforted to think I have a life time of this ahead of me and that its uniquely mine. The whole Sailor Dan persona is a key part of my brand. The funny thing is that very little of it has to do with actually sailing — eh! Sailing is a metaphor for charting a course, heading into a storm, overcoming insurmountable life or death obstacles, discovering new things, pushing the envelope. Making it more about the journey than the destination itself. In fact you’re never really suppose to get there…. they say. Plus who says lost at sea is a bad thing. I think dying in a hospital bed, debilitated, of old age, disconnected from what you live and love the most would be a bigger tragedy! What about you my friend. Do you have this life altering epic dream you want to make happen? How far along the journey are you and who will you bring on board? Connect with me and let’s swap stories. With love Dan Trepanier