Your Parents Success Strategies WON’T Work For YOU


Your Parents Success Strategies WON'T Work For YOU

I'm walking along the boardwalk here at Toronto Island. It's a beautiful day and a thought just came to my mind.....

The same success strategies that worked for your parents do not work in today's messed up world The sooner you accept this really, the better!

Dan Trepanier

It used to be that, you could earn the down payment and buy a house. You'd sell the house for 10 times more by retirement. Now, the average house in Toronto is over $750,000. The same house that my parents bought for $60,000 in the 70's is now worth well over a million dollars today. How can people afford that?

Decades ago one would go to university, get a degree, and then be pretty much guaranteed a decent job. Doesn't work like that anymore!

You've got so many young people racking up a mountant of student debt. They get out and try to compete for less jobs than applicants. Many find is little more than that of a low wage coffee shop barista. There's nothing wrong with being a barista but the reality is that far to many millenials face low wage unsecure, shitty work conditions where you're forced to leave your passion at the door. This is the norm -- if you're lucky.

I see nothing wrong with being a barista. Gosh, if it weren't for barista I wouldn't have had my coffee this morning. But do the math and ask how many years will it take a barista's wage to  top up the adequate retirement funds needed to THRIVE not just survive?

....and I'm just scratching the surface of this complex topic. 

There is a problem with the economic success formula of today, compared to that of your parents or grandparents -- So what are you going to do about it? 

It use to be that you would work up the career ladder and plan to retire at 65. That strategy doesn't work so well in today's world of work.  I'm a perfect example of this story. I was packaged off early. Packaged off is code for I was replaced by somebody a lot cheaper and many years younger and my career was  "mothballed' by a misguided set of circumstances. 

For me returning to the shifting, evolving downward industry, and corporate setting I came from was not a happy option. Times have changed and the industry sucks! -- but that's a whole other discussion for another time my friend.

I was forced out the door at the age of 54. On the upside this tectonic shift forced me to do what mattered to begin living life on my own terms. Was I ready for the leap...... I'd like to think so even though the road can be rather messy in the first 3-5 years.

That's the journey that I am on, and that's the journey that so many other people are on as well. AND I am one of the luck ones who scraped and saved for years leaving me with a bit of a nest egg to weather the transition winds. 

Let's continue the dialogue because I believe that there are strategies available for you and I  -- In fact I know there are. -- Excellent ones!

We just got to figure it out collectively how to weather the storm. For sure the world of work and play today is vastly different from that of your parents and grandparents era -- so I ask again..... what are you doing to adapt?

If you go on the Internet  there's so many people who are making all kinds of cool money, while in contrast many aren't.  

.... ok that's it.. because a shiny object just flew by and I'm loosing my focus .. for now  -- eh!  

By the way, just pause my little talk here, and look at the scenery around. Look at the boat, sailboat behind me. It's just so beautiful. Incredible view, and there are people walking along the park here, which is really nice. This is actually my favorite spot to come and shoot some video and talk. It's a boardwalk, and it's a really beautiful place. The sun is always at a fantastic angle, and I just was on my boat writing and thought I would... I felt like just producing some spontaneous thing about success. Does it make sense? I think it makes sense, but whatever. I'm not selling anything. I'm just sharing with you my little tidbit, and I'm gonna walk up and down this boardwalk today and produce about five or six of these things. Some of it will stick. Some of it won't stick. That's my story. Keep loving, keep learning. Keep living the proud life, my friend, 'cause the cold winters in Toronto are coming.


Dan Trepanier