Office Pod Conspiracy — or Not?


Office Pod Conspiracy — or Not?

I use to work in an office pod about the size of a bathtub. Sleek laminate, air conditioning, a few cabinets for my stuff. My chair was so comfortable I sat at it for hours. -- All part of a conspiracy or not? There were about 100 of us that had similar pods. We were allowed to customize it with a few nic-nacs. Mine had a couple of plants and this cool Tiffany lamp bought at Costco. Fast forward to 2017

Today my summer pod is a 30’ sailboat that’s been fully customized to me a place of inspiration. The ultimate ‘Man-cave’.

It contains a head (washroom) v-birth (double size bed) galley (kitchen) and cockpit area that looks like a cottage veranda in the forest. I have an incredible view of Toronto’s skyline, listen to birds all day, BBQ of the stern rail (back of my boat) and I am surrounded by the coolest neighbours who all have their own modest and down to earth Yachts.

Technically speaking anything under 30’ is not considered a yacht and I’m at 29’11’’. My slip is a Marina not a yacht club. My marina is part boat dock part trailer park on the water — so it does come with an abundance of storage bins, derelict bike and abandoned boats and more BBQ per square foot than a trailer park. — eh! Nevertheless it’s a direct connection to nature and my ultimate happy place. I’m less that a 5 min tender ride (a type of water taxi) from city side the the Toronto Island Marina.

Having access to all of this while living in Canada busiest urban centre Toronto, Ontario is a blessing. THE PROBLEM… is that it’s such a relaxing and beautiful place that all I want to do is chill — relax, recharge, tinker on my boat, connect with my neighbours over cold beverage, nap, meditate, have great sex… etc etc…. So you’re asking whats the problem?? The issue is that to grow my practice I must also create, write, call people, responding to comments, producing podcasts.

Taking five months off per year really does slow the growth of ones venture. Don’t talk to me about delegating and the four-hour work week — because most of that is bullshit. When you’re trying to create a Picasso you have to hold the brush in your hand as some point. Can you imagine Michael Angelo saying to a young protegé.

‘Listen the pope wants me to paint this ceiling. Could you climb up that scaffold for a few years and dabble a little paint here and there — I’m going sailing’ As I contemplate my creative space dilemma it dawned on me…..

Traditional corporate office pods are designed to enhance your productivity for the company. They are not designed to enhance the quality of your life. Supposedly that’s what your pay check if for.

I’ve been living the ‘office-pod’ trap for two decades. In retrospect I’ve come to realize the dynamic. Today I’ve faced with having created the ultimate pod on the water, but it’ such an enjoyable creative space that I want to do everything but office-like work. I want to relish all day in feel good stuff. This involves taking my recording studio equipment, large desktop computer, remote unlimited high-speed internet and working from my boat.

Face it marine environments are not good for many electronics. Have you ever been on a boat when it’s healed over in high winds and pitchy waves. One time I totalled my $1,800 laptop as a wave came crashing over my v-birth hatch and landed onto my stuff. — no one told I had to actually lock the hatches. And don’t get me going over the crazy mobile internet data charges…… These are all the spoiled first world problems of a privileged white guy who just wants to create, connect, and contribute.

Whats really awful (sarcastically) is that at season's end I have to haul all my gear landslide for a few months and get ready to fly to beautiful Brazil and live in my partners parents beach house for two months. … yea don’t say it — Oh my gosh how will the sea salt affect recording equipment and what if I get robbed along the way - again spoiled first world privileged white guy problem eh! Give your head a tiny shake if you think I am complaining.

Have you watched the news lately and soaked in even five minutes of epic conflict and suffering happening around the globe!!!!! My problems are the stuff the most people only dream of…… anyone want to trade places with me? My point; - Get perspective - Stop complaining - Keep refining your creative process and environment to bring out the best of you! Can you relate to any of what I am saying? What’ your story? Best, Dan Trepanier