Mental Habits to Avoid If You Want a Meaningful Life


Develop mental habits to live a more meaningful life – Dan Trepanier

Are you a creature of Mental Habits?

Some habits can have a negative impact on YOUR physical and mental health. Some can even disrupt normal functioning. I am talking about mental habits you should avoid, especially if you plan to live and work on your own terms and have a meaningful life.


Stop Doing These 5 Things


Don’t try to control the Future

  • It represents an irrational need to control events and circumstances that we believe will happen in the (near) future. Imagining how you can control future events, like you are some kind of time alchemist, is not going to make your present fabulous. Even if being a time alchemist sounds like you would wear a rainbow cape and have glitter in your beard, researches have shown that indulging in these fantasies and obsessively trying to plan the outcomes of uncertain future facilitates high levels of anxiety.

Don’t over analyze past mistakes

  • This is a big no-no than not being a fan of Edina Monsoon. Acknowledging your mistakes is one thing, obsessing about them is another. Repentance is a broken time travel machine. The past will never be changed and the most you can do is to accept it and contemplate about what is it that you can do from now on.

Don’t second guess yourself

  • Self-analyzing refers to meticulous analysis of your own personality. To get it straight (as much as I can) – while it is beneficial and adaptive to analyze your behaviors and behavioral strategies in a context of setting goals and nurturing your aspirations, it is useless to analyze your own self. When we identify with negative emotions, negative convictions and negative cognitive patterns, that is the act of non acceptance.

Don’t over think or over feel

  • Analyzing your emotions in the current moment means you are resisting to feel what you are feeling. I think I am not panicking but I will wait for 10 minutes. The result is emotional perseverance and genesis of inner conflict known as stress. When you feel something, it is better to let yourself feel it fully, without any guards. Once the feeling is gone, then you can think about everything and make decisions.

Don’t be a drama queen

  • Dramatizing – Everyone wants to be a drama queen until realizing how heavy the crown is. Chronic intense emotional experiences lead to mental overload. If you continuously experience strong affections, it means you are impassioned, ergo, your thinking is irrational. Be aware of your feeling but try not to turn it into something bigger by over thinking it.

Focus on this Mental Habit – Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Comparison to others often turns to self-criticism, self devaluation, envy, and dissatisfaction. Everyone is different. Comparing yourself to other is easy, comparing yourself with your previous versions is brave. How much more productive am I today than I was yesterday? Am I more empathetic now than I was a couple of years ago?

Mental Habits You Should Avoid If You Want To Live a Meaningful Life

When was the last time you challenged your inner saboteur? Are there more than one? Our inner saboteurs usually come in shape of adverse habits.

In case of emergency, break a bad habit. The sooner you identify bad habits, the sooner they will stop being a part of your identity.

It’s hard to reach for the stars If you are in a fetal position. Don’t you agree? Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s you, holding a lighter approach to life.

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer