Do You Know How Blessed You Are To Have This Gay Lifestyle?


Do You Know How Blessed You Are To Have This Gay Lifestyle?

As I contemplated the beauty of our surroundings my friend turned to me and uttered….. “Do you know how blessed you are to have this gay lifestyle — Living off your 30’ sailboat, spending your days creating cool online content and doing fine woodwork on your sailboat, able to take a few years off work to write and work the #ProudLife on You’re married to a wonderfully understanding man living in one of the most culturally diverse tolerant cities in the world — as a gay man.

I had a friend visit me my boat last night for dinner as we watched the majestic red sunset off Hanlans Point in Toronto, Canada.

The ‘on my own terms’ lifestyle I have nurtured over the decades has become so normalized for me that several times a day I have to count my true blessings and relish in blissful appreciation. — We live in a highly polarized world of extremism and suffering.

The craziness of the human condition around the globe is  but one reality as seen in the media.

My real world is one of peace love and joy! I’m not saying I am removed from reality. What I am saying is that I create my own reality. — and why not?

I’m keenly aware of the importance of sharing my energy, creativity and appreciation with others. --of paying it forward and yielding to karma.

So I got up this morning feeling a tad lazy. It was on the Sept 1 Friday morning of a long Labour Day holiday weekend here in Canada. I felt doing very little other than chilling as I wait for date night to happen with my partner who’s sleeping aboard #Akiya tonight. I could have easily justified taking the day off… It’s the last Friday of the summer season and a well justified cookie day. At my stage in life every day is justification to play hooky…… but why?

Then I thought for a moment, “Dan you’re a professional writer/coach and whatever label you want to attach to me, who[’s livelihood depends on producing relevant content for the people I serve.

When you’re in a position of comfort and privilege it’s far too easy to fall into a sense of complacency ease.

Nothing recedes faster than success!

Now I’m not suggesting to be an all work and no play kind of guy.

I’m suggesting to adopt a balanced self-determined, culturally creative approach to practice the long-term viability of my projects. Initiatives that dependent on continually creating ‘interesting stuff’ for others to enjoy.

Many would consider the way I work as too easy and fun — I do make somethings look easy because I bring passion and sense of humour to all I do.

I’ve developed the right mix of habits and am a master at managing my energy and surrounding myself with good vibes. My Gay Lifestyle

It all boils down to my self-concept. One that serves me well in the absence if ego. I would describe me and the key people in my life as highly generous, kind souls that have a lot of love to give and receive the world.

I’m told old that it’s easy to take advantage of me. My response is simple…”I give my advantage. You did not take I gave…… “

Why am I telling you this?

To highlight the importance to develop a positive self-concept and to share that self concept with others, and to help them develop a positive self concept.

I’ve said it before…. If you think you're a beautiful human being then you are. If you think you're a piece of shit then you are! .Your thoughts drive YOUR reality.

I’m not suggesting you get on a roof top and boast about what you have and who you are. But do boast to the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and feel great about the gifts and flaws you have been granted by our creator.

Flaunt your quirks and laugh at your silly errors. — Why? Because in life you’ll make far more mistakes that you’ll care to admit and you need a healthy way to cope. It’s mistakes you make and acts of forgiveness you give that will heal any anxious soul.

I’ve suggesting that right now…today… and for the next 30 days you focus on nurturing a magnificent self concept.

Acknowledge your challenges knowing that regardless what is….you are truly a beautiful soul having a human experience.

In love and pride and a gay lifestyle 🙂