Kettlebell Results


The Kettlebell is an outstanding tool to develop stability, strength, endurance and power.

It’s unique shape and offset weigh increases feedback to your body. The compact size allows you to safely accelerate it on the way down in exercises like swings and snatches.
You get a powerfull training effect what relatively light weight. Practically speaking you could replace entire  gym equipment with a couple of Kettlebells. They take little space and are an ideal too when in a crowded gym or limited space in-home training space.
Integrating the Kettlebell into our Certified Personal Training and Wellness session gives you results via minimalist training to its core. St

The Kettlebell provides an alternative way to train both grind and ballistic movements from squats to clean and jerk without needing a barbell — DTS Fitness Education 

Kettlebells are odd shaped and the mass is often off centre, requiring you to use muscles that mimics real life situations. You get a different workout compared to dumbbells (free weights) or machines that only force you to move in a singular, less efficient predetermined path.


Strength and Endurance Conditioning

The Kettlebell alternates periods of intense contraction and controlled relaxation. Kettlebells balances your need for the extreme contraction of high-level strength work coupled with the controlled relaxation that you get with endurance work.
Muscle stimulation strength work, explosive speed and efficient endurance can work together at the same time.
Ballistic or explosive movements applied to many kettlebell exercises take your conditioning to a new real-world level. Fast movements recruit more muscle fibres, heart and lung involvement. A good heart pumping helps shed fat and stimulate lean muscle.


Build joint strength and flexibility along with strength and conditioning.

You can learn a few basic cool exercises in five minutes. Bring fun safe proven simplicity into your routine. Kettlebells should have a permanent residency in your toolbox of results training. Learning proper speed of the hips is an important element for power and speed related sports.


Tweak the exercise for the results you want.

Instead of moving to a heaver kettlebell you can complete more reps or change to a more difficult variation of the same exercise. Get an endurance workout and killer strength without having to use the heavier weights that put your body at risk. — No more adding and removing endless barbell plates between sets.
The explosive conditioning movements of Kettlebells stimulate much abdominal contraction. Coordinated breathing coupled with a lot of abdominal contraction gives you a high level of conditioning.
Kettlebells hare the real deal that can stand alone or be integrated into your other dumbbell, barbell and machine routines. Core training cultures of ancient times utilized have been utilizing the principles of kettlebell training for centuries. They offer a proven and cost efficient form of exercise that transcends beyond the todays internet based fitness fads.