Oversimplified – How To Overcome Depression On Your Own


The worst part about depression is pretending you are ok in front of people who are clueless as to what’s going on with you. The most important part of depression is to take time to care about yourself. Those who truly love you and feel a deep connection with you will be there to support you, but your fight with depression is ultimately just yours.


Here are 8 OVERSIMPLIFIED steps to overcome depression on your own.


Track your mood.

Keep track of your mood during the day in the period of one week. Rank each day on a 1-10 scale.

Keep track of positive activities and positive thinking.

We can change our thoughts by changing how we think or behave. Your task is to keep track of positive thoughts (especially those about yourself) and the mood related to those thoughts.

Pay attention to specific activities that affect your mood.

Name specific positive thoughts you were focusing on. Write them all down.

Identify and notify at least one activity every day for which you needed to invest a lot of energy, and it eventually paid off.

Write down all the positive thoughts related to the activity that has long-term outcome.

Identify your positive characteristics.

Think about some positive events\ experiences. Write at least one of your general personality traits that took you to that experience.

Try to find causes for negative situations in external factors.

Write at least one positive sentence about negative situations by accrediting them to external, unstable and specific factors. For example, If you can not find a job, it is a temporary setting that can be explained by a poor socio-economic status of the country you live in.

Define goals in a positive context.

For example: I want to look better instead of I don’t want to look this fat.

Be aware that you can reward yourself. You can be your own judge and sugar daddy at the same time.

Talk to yourself like lovers do. Make a list of rewards that you can give to yourself when you achieve something positive, no matter what the accomplishment is. Focus on specific, material rewards or activities such as going to the movies. Don’t forget to acknowledge how you felt when you got your prize.


Daily reminder: A little thing that will help you feel less depressed is to go to a park and watch different ways that humans smile.

If you suffer from Clinical Depression or any type of depression that seems beyond your control then seek the advice of a trained medical practitioner. The self-help suggestions in this post are not intended to replace medical advice! Simply put; Go see your family doctor or a health care professional! 

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Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer