How To Focus When Surrounded By Natural Beauty


Here is one of the first videos I produced back in 2015


In this segment I talk about brain-clutter, distractions, overcoming obstacles and how to develop the skills to  FOCUS. Do you think multitasking helps you focus on several things at once?

Multitasking won’t get you anywhere!

Multitasking is addiction in disguise. Every time you complete a tiny task, your brain rewards you with production of dopamine. The more things you try to accomplish simultaneously (such as writing a project proposal while checking out whether your Grindr crush has changed his relationship status to Married to my pug), the more dopamine you score. We tend to keep our brains active while, in fact, we are becoming more passive. Studies have shown that multitasking decreases both the quality and efficiency of your work.

The focus is in the NOW. Simply strive to be present and mindful. No matter what is it that you do, try not to think about outcomes (that are usually unpredictable). – Dan Trepanier

Turn off your devices

Your phone is the ultimate distractor. Think about how your stream of consciousness instantly changes when you hear the sound of notification. It is like you’ve heard the sound of your wedding bells. You are either happy or nervous. Today, the world around you is the world in your smart phone. And that needs to change. Your focus should be on YOUR WORLD.

Breaking news: If you spend less time on your phone, you can get up to 2 hours of sleep and 2 hours of exercise daily. Most researches have found that focused brain activity is not possible without 7-8 hours of sleep. Your body is 70% water and 100% responsible for your concentration. Take care of your body and sleep regularly. I also highly recommend meditation, the queen of focus.

Be fully present

Only think about what you are doing now. Try to do one thing at a time.
Focus is like a gym membership for your mind. The best present you can give to yourself is being present.

It’s a simple yet huge challenge for so many people.

You’ll be challenged to commit to at least one significant action.

‘Change your thoughts change your life’ – Dr Wayne Dyer

The past slows us – the future distracts us.

Drowning in the past or sailing towards the future is what we do. We are rarely in the present moment. Only when that moment is supported by an intense, beautiful experience (for example, a hot guy wearing a Speedo) or some kind of danger (for example, hot guy wearing a Speedo and yelling at you), we pay attention. We are always outside the moment, mesmerized by various shiny objects. Shiny objects make us blind. Glitter is nice, but no one wants to have glitter in their eyes, If you know what I mean.

In his book The Power Of Present Moments, Eckhart Tolle says: Nothing will ever happen in the future. Everything is happening in the NOW. The past and the future obviously lack their own reality. They are renting its reality from the present moment.

Just as you fall in love, sometimes you fall in an unproductive hole. We have all been stuck in a whirl where we were incapable of focusing on anything. Maybe you are easily aroused or you get easily distracted, but consistency is simply swimming away from your brain waves. All you need to do is to return to the coast known as NOW. Focus Pocus! – Dan Trepanier


Focus On What Matters 

Before you continue reading this, I want you to try out a little experiment. Put your phone aside for 10 minutes and just be present with your surroundings.

Welcome back. Do you believe in multitasking? Scientific studies don’t. Multitasking means doing several things at once and not being highly efficient in any of them. By keeping your brain over-active, you are actually becoming more passive. And that needs to change.

You won’t find focus on your social media. You will find it in NOW.

Have a focused day,

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer