How Being Grateful Will Make You Better?


People usually neglect what they have while idealizing what they don’t have. If you are always focused on what you don’t have, you won’t be happy most of the time. So, start your daily habits being grateful for what you have.


A cool thing to do is to define yourself based on what matters most to you rather that on a long list of things that you don’t like.


  • Being grateful does not mean being modest or unambitious. When you are grateful, you pay respect to what makes your life meaningful and happy without giving up on your aspirations.


  • Gratefulness has nothing to do with religion. Religious people show their appreciation to God, while you can show it to the life, the universe, new pair of shoes.. It is a matter of choice.


  • Ask yourself what are the good things you have running in the present. What do you appreciate? What do you love? Who are the people you love and appreciate? Do you have any idols? What are the activities you like? Which food you like to eat? What are you proud of? What trait do you appreciate in yourself?


  • Your life is an hourglass that measures the amount of time that you felt grateful for something someone dear said to you. Happiness is in the current moment. Start every morning with thinking for at least one or two things you appreciate. Say it out loud. Those could be different things every day.


  • In your creation of positive and optimistic life, it is important to express gratitude. By doing that, you are reminding yourself life is worth it. Life is worth it now. When you are focused on the positive, it strengthens your sense of meaning in life. It gives you power to aspire for what you still don’t have.


Daily reminder: It’s awfully hard to reach for the stars when you are in the fetal position.