I Was Hoping To Do Some Online Writing Today


I Was Hoping To Do Some Online Writing Today — uggggggg!

I was hoping to get some quality online writing done today but face so many distractions --- ugggggg I think having access to reasonably priced high-speed unlimited mobile internet challenge for Canadians.Our wireless plans are such a rip off compared to the rest of the developed world. Who wants to pay hundreds of extra dollars a month in overage charges for connecting with others? Oh sure I can steal free unsecured signals from places like Starbucks but sitting in a noisy crowded cafe for hours on end is not my cup to tea. I can only imagine the financial burden people around the world face with this issue. I believe Facebook is a pig on data.

Scrolling through your news feed triggers consumptive video posts. Try streaming music and news channels, Gif’s, app’s like Growlr and Grinder all help max out data plans. Video and high-resolution graphics evolve at an exponential rate and drive up data charges. I begrudge paying hundreds in overage charges within a monopolizes ISP (Internet Service Provider) Market. Sadly I have little choice if I want to grow my online practice from the remote corners of Lake Ontario on my Yacht — eh! In my line if work its critical to continually connect with others via social media and other online platforms. Forget about Netflix, or uploading podcasts, graphic elements and other collaborative documents to the cloud. — I’m talking about the basic stuff. So what option do I have — pay more or cut back? I am unwilling to do either. I’m forced to be more strategic in what I stream or not stream at all — and that sucks because I’m a rather prolific user.

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction communicating with people in developing countries and those living on the edge of poverty. I’m keenly aware that many of my base readers struggle with data costs too. I know I lose many as their digital engagement and user adoption behaviours taper off.

There is a trend in people looking for alternative ways to consume online information without the burden of ISP charges. This often means less video and data intensive content (animations, GIF’s and large pig resolution web pages) and more text and audio files. On DanTrep.com most of my video posts now contain a separate audio file via Soundcloud plus transcript. I do enjoy having the sound of a podcast in the background as oppose to being fixated to a video. I’m keenly aware that offering content in video, plus text and audio formats are more work for those in practice but in the long run we add value and give users more choice via less data intensive ways to consume our information.

Do you agree with my perspective and face a similar challenge?

xox Dan