He’s So Nice It Makes Me Uncomfortable


He’s So Nice It Makes Me Uncomfortable

Have you ever met someone who is so genuinely nice he makes you a bit uncomfortable? How do you deal with this? 

A few boats down the dock from me there’s this world travelled sailer from Newfoundland Canada. He is a producer for a National News Broadcaster.

I hear he’s seen the thick and thin of the best and the worst of world events. — and I bet those experiences have profoundly shaped his character.

He’s always got this great big smile on his face and finds humour in everything. So often this summer he’s offered me a piece of what he’s just BBQ’d or sip of wine or beer I say ‘no I’m fine but thanks very much’

His wife in contrast is very quiet and has yet to engage with me. Her back always to my boat. I presume she’s got to be as kind as him since their married. — eh!

Perhaps it’s her that’s creeping me out and not his generosity… hence why I’ve said no to invites on their boat. — now that’s silly……

Today I asked him if he had a wine cork opener I could borrow he said sure here take this one…… it was a really nice opener. When I went to give it back he said ‘keep it’ I have another one — he insisted.

He’s the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if he could.

The bigger issue is why am I somewhat uncomfortable at his generosity towards me? At anyones generosity towards me.
I’ve noticed a pattern whereby I typically say no thanks at least 3-5 times before accepting an invite or anything from anyone. — and its kind of odd isn’t it?

Is it a desire to prove I’m independent and don’t need anything from anyone. Is there a guarded fear of developing a friendship or getting closer to a neighbour? Could there be a connection to something that happened in my childhood. Am I somewhat jaded and cynical to ones motives?

I have no frigging clue but at times it puzzles me….. why? Because the world needs a hell of a lot more generous cheerful people with no hidden agenda to their kind heartiness. It’s just that simple! -eh!

There is nothing wrong with saying yes and thank you to another persons generosity. After all if they did not want to offer they likely would not have.

P.S: Just as I finished writing the above part of my story the my the generous Newfoundlanders brings me over this succulent pork chop he just cooked and says here bud taste this.

Of course I accepted!

…. and decided I would pay it forward.

the story continues……