Healthy Morning Rituals – 3 Power Questions


What can healthy habits and morning rituals improve?

Everyone wants to improve something in their lives. It can range from eating healthy to being more open about your feelings and who you really are.

  • Create your habits and rituals with the express purpose of achieving success

You don't have to do anything drastic. Habits, by definition, form over time. Let's take eating healthy food as an example.

You don't have to suddenly replace ice cream with broccoli. Just by making a habit of eating less junk food or choosing food with fewer calories, you are already making an improvement. You can up the ante at your own pace until you finally reach your goal.

The perfect time to do something different and positive is right at the start of the day. If you concentrate on a feeling or an idea, it will stay with you for the rest of the day.

Don't let a negative experience during the day affect your path to self-improvement. Start strong in the morning and stay determined throughout the day.

If you want, for example, to write a book, the first thing you should do each day is write for a bit. Morning rituals don't have to take a certain amount of time or have immediate effects.

  • Write  a page in the morning to exercise your writing skills and get better and closer to your goals.

What should your rituals and habits be like?

The right step is to first ask yourself what your goal is based on your definition of success. Think about what you want to achieve and only after that, ponder how to achieve it.

Next, it's time to start changing your life. I wholeheartedly encourage you to dream big. The goal shouldn't be a means to an end. It should be the end itself. Let's use a more sensitive example this time: Public displays of same-sex affection.

I know there are a ton of reasons why some people might not want to show affection in public. It's your decision, and if you simply don't want to do it, it's perfectly fine.

But let's say that you'd like to be more open. The problem is that it's not easy. You can't tell how people around you will react or what they will think about you afterwards.

  • Here is a morning ritual you could try: Affirm, both to yourself and to your partner, how much you like them and that you don't want that to be a secret.

Be affectionate in private. This way, when you are in public, it will be much more natural and easier to do the same.

Acting differently in public is just a habit that you've formed. To kick it and form a better habit instead, make a mental note to be more lovey-dovey. In time, you won't have to keep remembering this because it will become a habit.

How do you tell if it's working?

As you stick to your new morning rituals and habits, you will start seeing improvements. That's great, but these rituals have truly succeeded when you stop noticing the results. Sounds weird, right?

The idea is that it really becomes a habit when both the ritual and the positive effects feel completely normal to you.

It will mean that you have formed a long-lasting habit. Even if you haven't reached your goal, you're on the right path. This might even be a good moment to think about upping the ante. At this point, you'll know the power of habits and it will be much easier for you to start achieving other goals of yours.

After a long time has passed, you probably wouldn't even call them habits anymore. They'll just be a part of you. That is great because it will mean you have made a positive change in your life.

I hope you now understand just how big an effect habits and morning rituals can have. I encourage you to use the things I talked about and work towards achieving your goals.

  • Start by making a small change in the morning and you'll see a huge difference.

People these days just don't have enough time for themselves. That can be quite harmful, and that's why healthy morning rituals and habits are so important.

By investing a bit of time, you can create an awesome and empowering routine that will help you improve your life.


3 Power Questions that MATTER

  1. What can habits and morning rituals improve?
  2. What should your rituals and habits be like?
  3. How do you tell if it's working?

Start by making a small change in the morning and you'll see a huge difference.

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