Work-Life Balance with these 7 Habits


Work-Life balance is a concept that emphasizes the importance of establishing priorities in one’s professional (career and ambitions) and personal life (health, relaxation, aspirations, family, personal development). Conflict between the two causes stress.

7 Steps You Can Take for Work-life Balance

Although this list is fairly common sense is there one point that you would benefit from integrating into your daily habits and routines?

Discipline yourself.

Thanks to postmodernism, some of your best friends’ names start with @. Even though it is tempting to chat, to stalk those who have already gone to vacation scuba diving with dolphins or who have just changed a relationship status to metaphysical, you need to go offline until you finish your job. If you are a freelancer, and your home is your working space, read this paragraph three times.

Self control is equally vital for your free time. Your colleagues have to be aware you have a private life. It’s not your responsibility to be available 24/7. One hour has sixty ways how to not obsess about your job.

Read books.

Books are great because they don’t leave you when you love them. Books are also great because you can find a sentences there that precisely articulate how you feel. In the context of separating your professional self from personal self, books are great because they allow you to be both concentrated and relaxed at the same time, to be more introspective.

Spend time with your friends.

After a long and exhausting day at work, some people just want to have dinner and go to bed. If you do this over a long period of time, it is going to induce monotony in your life. Capitalism is not your friend, and social life will save your life. Don’t reject the phone calls of your friends. Plan your weekends. Three hours of pure fun is much more valuable than 8 hours of watching TV.

Sleep regularly.

If you sleep regularly (7 hours minimum), you will be happier, more optimistic and more willing to face new challenges. When we are in a bad mood, we are much likely to be less productive. Save yourself from sleep deprivation and be the worker you want to see in the office.


Working out is the best antidote for working your ass off. Fitness activities are mandatory, especially If you have a tight schedule, because they are best stress relief. Stress is perhaps the word pronounced most similarly in the greatest number of major languages. For a reason. It is the biggest enemy of a modern man.

Try not to become too intimate with your colleagues.

If you fall in love with a co-worker, make sure you separate his personal from his professional behavior. From time to time, it might get confusing to deal with the discrepancy. This is why some of the biggest companies in the world are oriented towards latently prohibiting intimidation at work place. Interpersonal relationships fluctuate over time and tend to reduce productivity of the organization.

Focus on this Work-life Balance – Be tolerant towards yourself and nurture your motivation.

Prioritize considering the circumstances. If you are only working to pay your bills, you are not going to be efficient. Don’t be afraid of the change. Modern life dynamic gives you more space to explore hidden niches of your professional identity, just be careful not to turn into a slave of your own goals.

What If I told you profession is one of the oldest prostitutions in the world? I am saying this because it is important not to sell your soul to the job you are doing, no matter how much you enjoy doing it.

In the times we live in, overtime is the new time. I want to you to avoid that trap. Instead of working all the time, try working on your work-life balance. There are seven efficient habits that will help you keep your professional and private life separate.

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer