What did you do on your Birthday this year? Here is what I did back in 2016 —- best spontaneous Birthday gift for my SPIRIT, MIND, BODY.

I’m actually, uh, out here sailing. I’m actually in a meeting right now (laugh). No, I’ve finished my work….

  • I’m sporting a very interesting new hairdo for my birthday. – Why not?
  • Take a look at that view. Is that not spectacular or what? And there’s Toronto right behind me.

So I’m enjoying the day sailing, appreciating the fact that I can be out here and just thanking everybody on Facebook for wishing me a happy birthday, I really appreciate it.

Life does not get any better than this, my friend, let me tell you!

I’m doing 4.6 knots and I’m in 147 feet of water and you can see I think my sails are trimmed pretty good and I’m doing my own thing, so have a great day everyone.

Dan xoxox


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Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer