Giddy & Gay Over My New iPhone 7 Plus


– Hey, good morning,

….it’s Dan Trepanier and I’m so excited. This is not an Apple commercial but I want to say that I just bought the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m not saying this to boast, I’m excited because of the camera on the back and it means that I can produce these really, really cool podcasts and share them with you, and I don’t have to be in my recording studio.

I can be walking down the street, I can be on my boat. It means I can keep in touch and be better connected. The point of my story, a little bit, is that with taxes and everything, this was a lot of money, it wasn’t cheap, and I didn’t want to spend the money but now that I’ve made the investment I’m excited.

You know, when you have a business and you’re starting out sometimes you want to cut corners and so on and so forth to save on your expenses, and I just went out and made the investment because it’s about quality, it’s about producing quality, it’s about figuring out how I’ll pay for it later.

It wasn’t an irresponsible purchase, I do have the money to pay the credit card bill later, but of course, I got to earn the money. But it’s about producing good podcasts for you. It’s about being out and walking around and being able to take my selfie stick, and spontaneously keep in touch, because my goal is to produce about everyday, producing a podcast.

Share with me news of a purchase that you recently made and are proud of.

There’s the camera right there (watch video). See that? It’s like a 12 megapixel, it’s an amazing camera, and it just allows me to produce quality, quality podcasts for you. That’s my quick little bragging story.

Have a great day and tell me your little bragging story about something that you’ve purchased that makes you feel really cool and happy about living life on your own terms.

Talk to you later.

Dan xoxox