5 Things Fairness and Equality in a Same Sex Relationship Really Mean?


What Do Fairness and Equality in a Relationship Really Mean?


I read an interesting blog post about fairness and equality for gay and lesbian couples.

The author of the article described how she and a colleague conducted a study about same-sex relationships (LGBTQ). They wanted the participants to share their insights on equality and fairness in a relationship.

What they did was a thought-provoking study, which can be expanded into a larger discussion, hence this article.

  • Don't Be the One Who's Always “Right"
  • Be Tolerant
  • I Give, I Receive
  • Be Fair
  • Take Responsibility

Don't Be the One Who's Always "Right"

Everyone dislikes those people. It's especially annoying when you're in a relationship. Aries and Taurus are two signs that want to always be right, particularly because they're so stubborn.

What this will do to your relationship is break it apart. If you're the type of person that falls in this category, be sure to take a step back. Rethink the whole situation before playing "Mr. I'm always right" all the time.

Be Tolerant

Tolerance means accepting your partner, and most importantly yourself, with all the flaws that you and they have. Tolerance is about forgiveness, about acknowledging when you wronged your significant other. We often forget that we're all human beings and that we're driven by emotions.

Being present is the first step towards becoming more tolerant in a relationship.

I Give, I Receive

You give love. You receive love. That's how things work. You can't expect to receive everything when you give nothing.

Equality is easier to achieve in a gay couple because there are no gender roles. Because of that, it would make sense that fairness and equality are easier to reach. It's not always the case unless you're both working on this.

Be Fair

After you've had a fight, the natural thing to do is work things out. That is tricky because you both have to be fair, admit if you were wrong, apologize and then assess things the right way.

Obviously, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to do things because our relationships are unique in their essence. What we can do is make sure that we play fair. Nobody wants to play with a cheater.

Take Responsibility

We all have those days when we feel frustrated, angry, moody, sad even. When we get home, we tend to release all this negative energy on our partner who did nothing wrong. Then, maybe we start picking a fight with them and start blaming them for something they didn't even do.

If you know that something upset you on a particular day, it's best to talk about your feelings. We create our own happiness and state of mind. Don't let negative emotions cloud your thoughts.


In Conclusion 

Fairness and Equality Go Way beyond Gender Roles

As a conclusion, I will say that fairness and equality represent much more than who wears the pants in a relationship, who cleans the house or who takes out the trash.

Ultimately, it all comes down to making a commitment to the person you're with and vice-versa. You respect them by playing fair and by treating them as an equal.