Have you ever take on a challenge in life that is well beyond your capacity, or what you perceive to be your capacity at the time?

Of course, you have. Behind me is my sailboat, and I just, every year I do this. She goes into the water and It used to be overwhelming. I just finished putting my cover on and you can see it behind there. I just finished putting my cover on and it was easy this year. It only took me like three years to figure it out.

These boats are just big massive things and they’re an incredible challenge that I find quite exciting.

I wonder whether you have ever been confronted with something that’s just a really big challenge. You have an epic dream or an epic goal and you’re afraid to take it on because it’s overwhelming?

Of course, it’s going to be overwhelming at first. But you know what will happen? You’ll get better at it, and then it will be easy. 

Look at that baby, right there. That’s my sailboat and it’s kind of a no-brainer for me. But it’s huge — well I mean it’s 30 feet. It’s not really like a yacht or anything, but it’s 30 feet and it’s a big, huge challenge. 

So, what I’m suggesting for you is to take on a big challenge and do what matters to live and work-life on your terms.


Epic Personal Challenges BIGGER than YOU Are Worth It #GoodHabits