12 Ways Empathy Brings YOU closer to YOUR Man


Inside the person sitting in front of you lies a person you don’t understand unless you empathize with them.

EMPATHY IS the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions. It’s the ability to share someone else’s feelings.

Connecting on a profound level involves more than superficial chit-chat. What you need is to develop the habit of bringing empathy into everything you do.

Empathy is one of those basic skills many people neglect to tap into. There is a power to discussions that delve into the expression of emotion. If you want to grow, connect and contribute in this world, you must empathise with others in a profound way.

Do less talking and more listening is the best gift you can offer someone. To be empathetic is to enter into someone’s perceptional world. To spend time in it like you are a guest in their home. Be it to gain insight into their fears, hopes, vulnerabilities or whatever.

12 Ways To Be More Empathetic With Your Man



  1. Ask “How do you feel?” as oppose to “What are you thinking?”
  2. Be present with the person sitting in front of you by who ignoring your self-centred perspective.
  3. It is all about a focus on the emotional components of their world. this includes leaving your biases out of it.I’ve often noticed how people struggle to express what they are feeling in the moment.
  4. Notice body language, look into eyes, pay attention to speech patterns.
  5. What is not said is often as important as what is. Do this and you’ll detect something latent that a person is not willing to talk about.
  6. If you tap into a sense of where they are coming from you’ll be in a better position to ask the right questions.
  7. Make it easier for others to disclose  feelings in an honest and direct way.
  8. Perhaps start the conversation with…’it seems to me you wanted to say..?
  9. Focus on current feelings and use present tense.
  10. Sometimes a divine act of empathy means leaving your loved one alone and giving them space.
  11. Tap into their feelings and you’ll produce relationship results that work. I know I’m often guilty of wanting to molly coddle and solve my partners problems. This approach is counter productive. My partners is an introvert and gets into this ‘give me space phase. — which is ok!
  12. Temporary isolation can be beneficial to both of you. It proves the space you offer does not isolate you it brings you closer together.

Empathy vs Sympathy

Empathy is heartbreaking — you experience other people’s pain and joy. Sympathy is easier because you just have to feel sorry for someone. Send a sympathy card if someone’s cat died; feel empathy if your cat died, too. — Vocabulary.com 


Empathy is a path to understanding others — Agreed?


Inside the person sitting in front of you lies a person you don’t understand unless you empathize with them. 'Empathy is your opportunity to give and receive compassion' 

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer