Email is Dead – Social Media is Alive For Us – Your Opinion Matters


I'm always flipping on this one! One day I think email is the way to go. The next day I think its something. I think I've concluded that using a variety of mediums to share content with you is the ideal approach. What do you think?

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer

So I really would value your opinion. I don’t know whether email, and capturing emails, addresses is a wise strategy these days. I know a lot of internet marketers are saying it’s all about capturing email addresses, but the reality is, I find capturing subscriptions through things like Instagram and through Facebook and through a variety of other social media sources is much better because when you connect and you subscribe, then I can go into your world and check out your profile.

Used to be that I had just a whack of people in email, and I couldn’t sense anything, it’s just an email address, oftentimes a weird email address. So I’m actually thinking of doing something quite radical, which is not capturing email addresses.

I don’t read three-quarters of the emails that I get, I’m more inspired and I’ve been doing some tests on Instagram, and I find that videos like this and visual graphics and things like that get a far better reaction, far higher conversion rates than just plain old boring email. So let me know what you think. When you’re interacting with someone and collaborating, do you want to be receiving emails, or do you prefer to just get your content through subscriptions online? Let me know what your thoughts are, because there’s, gosh, last week I had 1200 new Instagram followers, and really, it was really cool because I was able to just go look into their feeds and check out and see what’s going on with them, and I, I’m spinning around here, trying to find the right angle for the sun.

I just, I want to find the best way to connect. And I also find a really cool way to connect, I just love Facebook, because you can go into someone’s wall and you can just check out what’s going on with them in their life. And it brings the conversation to a whole new level that’s different from just this one-sided, I’m gonna send you emails because you’ve given me your email address.

Remember, keep loving, keep learning, keep living, keep doing what matters to live life on your own terms.

Dan xoxox

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