Easy Productivity Habits That Get YOU Results NOW


It is a beautiful morning in Toronto. I'm sitting on my sailboat looking at the sun rising. It's a modest boat, but I am feeling inspired and motivated to talk to you.

I got up this morning, to an email from Blink List Magazine talk about rethinking productivity. They have tested seven top productivity methods.  I think the article is a good read and encourage you to take a look at these resources, but I also don't think you need to read seven books to learn about productivity.

First off, what does productivity mean to you?

You need to have your own definition of productivity. It's not necessarily about doing more. In fact, one could argue that sometimes doing less or doing nothing is also equally as productive. I just got a good eight hours sleep last night, and I think that's a really productive thing to do. I meditate, and when I meditate, I turn my brain off, and that's a very productive thing to do. Sometimes doing nothing and doing less is actually being more productive than doing 'stuff' for stuff's sake.

It's about achieving the right kind of results that will leverage opportunities to move you closer to your own definition of success.

For me, I know I'm successful when I am enjoying my creativity. I know I am successful by how much I'm in the presence of people who appreciate my company and I appreciate theirs. I know I am successful when I share my energy and wisdom with my community, however I define community. (HOW TO – Craft YOUR New Definition of Success)

  • When I got up today, I thought from a productivity perspective: how does what I'm doing fit into those three definitions of success? Right now producing podcasts is great because I get to share my energy with you and hopefully, you'll appreciate it.
  • I appreciate collaborating and working with the so many wonderful people in my life, and there's a creative component to it

What I'm trying to say is that you've got to be clear on your goals and you've got to be clear on your definition of success before you decide whats productive or non productive behaviour .

I encourage you to make productivity a critical part of your daily habits and routine.

What are the habits that you're going to develop and what is the system that you're going to put in place so that you can leverage your opportunities?

There's a couple of techniques here.

  • The 80/20 Principle.
  • The other technique that I really encourage you to do is to SINGLE-TASK.
  • Fight Distractions

The 80/20 Principle.

The beer companies came out with this years ago. The notion is that 80% of the beer is consumed by 20% of the beer drinkers that are out there, or 20% of their customers.

You'll get 80% of your results by focusing on 20% of  WHAT MATTERS - Dan Trepanier

If you've got a top ten list, the two most important things on your list are what's going to get you the 80% results. I hope I'm explaining that clearly. My point is; just think 80/20.

  • I'm going to get up today, I'm going to make a list of ten things, and of those 10 will ask what two things that are going to be my highest priority today. What two things will strategically move me forward on my goals.

The other technique that I really encourage you to do is to SINGLE-TASK.

Forget about multi-tasking. Multi-tasking just doesn't work, and there's a ton of studies out there that support this evidence. I used to be the King of Multi-Tasking, and I discovered years ago that I was burning myself out. I would work a ten-hour day, and I would get three hours worth of good work done. I'm notoriously distracted by the next shiny object. Once I get on the internet, I'm reading blog post after blog post. I'm on social media. I get ping notices. I struggle all the time with focus, and so I encourage you to develop the art of single-tasking and focusing.

Right now, I'm working on podcasts. I'm talking to you. I'm just going to keep re-recording this and re-recording it until I get it right (not perfect but right -- there's a difference). I'm not striving for perfection, but my goal today is to record a good podcast and do to so involves focused single-tasking.

Fight Distractions

A friend called me earlier and said, "Oh, it's such a beautiful day in Toronto. Let's go sailing around the Harbor and let's do some things," and there's nothing that I would love to do more right now than to just drop my work and go sailing, or hang out at the beach and do whatever. But I'm not going to do that, because those things are not strategically important for me if I want to move my project forward.

When I got up in the morning, I ASKED MYSELF: What are  the top TWO priorities on my list of 10 things to do? Then I tuned absolutely everything else out of my brain. What happened was that I refined by ability to focus.

An actual discipline where it doesn't matter whether I have a headache, whether I feel crap today, whether it's raining, whether I'm pessimistic, whether I'm manic and my friends want to go out and party and do something with me, I know clearly in my mind that I'm going to work on these two things today, and come hell or high water, by the end of the day, I'm going to get it done.

Dan Trepanier xox 


Send me an email, and let me know how these two techniques turned out for you. Let me know if this notion of single-tasking and the 80/20 Rule has become a part of your DAILY HABITS.

I hope these TIPS, ADVICE & STRATEGIES help.

Remember to do what matters, to keep living and working on your own terms, and I hope you appreciate the fact that I have taken seven top productivity methods from the article We Tested 7 Top Productivity Methods So You Don't Have To and whittled them down into a few Easy Productivity Habits That Get YOU Results NOW

Send me an email, connect with me, and I will see you tomorrow, or I will talk to you tomorrow, or the next day on the next podcast.

Remember, if you want to do a podcast with me, send me an email. I would love to collaborate with people. If you're a creative person or you're an entrepreneur or solo entrepreneur, you've got a great idea or a message to share with people, let me know what you're working on these days!

There's a ton of stuff out there on the internet and my goal every week is to get up and to produce podcasts, to produce good quality content for you, to collaborate with the amazing people like YOU in my life.