Don’t Mess With My Gay Mojo


Have you ever have somebody just totally throw your mojo off?

The other day I posted this photo, here’s the photo, on Instagram. And I thought it was a fun photo because I was just having a bath and the title of it was ‘Bath Time, Don’t Ever Grow Up.’ And I thought it was a really cool photo. I was having fun and I’m just goofing around, and I posted it on Instagram.

And somebody who’s very near and dear to me, who is a heterosexual woman whose opinion I really respect said, “Seriously, like what gives?” And it threw my mojo off, and I was somewhat offended. And I realized, well,this person, although I respect her opinion, is not my base.

You see, I’m trying to target my message to mostly gay men. And so, it’s important to be a little bit provocative. Let me tell you, there was a time when Elvis Presley would do his moves and it was not appropriate for prime time television. There was also a time when Madonna would do a concert and that was not appropriate, and people would criticize her. And if you today look at those things, they’re perfectly normal.

If you look at Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga does things that are a little bit outrageous because she has to stand out. It is a crowded marketplace out there, and I’m just being myself. I mean, yes, I would not wear this to work. And I would not wear it in a corporate setting. And, generally speaking, with the exception of pride, I do not dress like this walking down the street. However, I’m being myself and sending a message to you that you gotta flaunt your stuff.

You’ve just gotta be yourself. Don’t let people mess up your mojo. So, I actually blocked her from Instagram. And I respect her opinion, she’s a progressive, open-minded woman but she’s very traditional in her own way. And I don’t want that, I don’t want family seeing my Instagram stuff because they’re not my base. So, I blocked her and I’m gonna have some explaining to do. And I did it respectfully. You create your own reality, my friends. You create your own reality, and you have to understand that. You’re creating your own reality. So, have you ever had a message that you wanted to send out to the world but you didn’t do it because you were a little bashful? So, often I get up and I say, I can’t talk about that.

As gay men, we need to talk about things like open relationship, monogamy. What do I do when I find my boyfriend, if I do, fucking around on me? Do I come out? The other day, a conversation with a guy thinking of going back to a country where being gay is illegal. And I said, Dude, you’re gonna be going back in the closet and that’s gonna eat away at your soul. And we need to have a conversation about this. This is not about career planning, and how do I do my resume and what I put on my resume.

Your resume’s irrelevant because right now you’re not honoring yourself to being who you are. So, don’t let people mess with your mojo.

It’s important to be goofy, it’s important to have fun, it’s important to be yourself, and it’s important to be authentic. And for me, connecting with you,

I would actually like you to take a selfie, a video or photo, and I would love you to send it to me. Send me a message that is deeply, deeply personal. Deeply personal.

I don’t wanna be seeing body parts, I don’t need to see your junk. I want a personal message because this is about you getting comfortable being authentic and real, and taking a chance, and sharing a part of yourself with other people. I hope this message makes sense. Of course, it makes total sense, just do it. And I love talking to you guys, and I love the way that I think my own videos are evolving the crazier I get. And this bathtub photo is just fantastic. In fact, I got so many responses. And, you know, whatever, I’m just goofing around and having some fun.

Life is too short. Listen, life is too short, my friend. You need to grab it by the balls. Remember, keep loving, keep learning, and keep living to live life and work and play on your own terms.

Thanks, see you at the next #DanCast

Dan xoxox