Good morning…’s a transcript of the video above.

I’m supposed to be working today and I’m a little distracted. It is so hard to work when you’re surrounded by such incredible beauty. I mean, just unreal. I’m going to be going around the corner here and I want you to just take a look at this view and I want you to send me a message and let me know whether I should be chartering these opportunities for people to go around the island and to be exposed to this absolutely incredible beauty.

I mean, look at the CN tower, right behind me. You see it right there? Fantastic!

First off, little context, it’s the end of September, my friends and theres a heat wave going on in Toronto. I’ve been at the island just hanging out on my own.

I’m just gonna spin things around so you can see the spectacular view that I am confronted with and ask yourself whether or not you would have difficulty focusing in this environment. It’s a huge challenge.

Spinning the boat around, just take a look behind me and you know all around the world there’s this craziness happening and there’s a lot of suffering and we’re probably on the verge of a terminal nuclear war with Korea or the United States anyway and I’m here in my own little oasis. And it’s not that I’m tuning out the world. It’s not that I’m not empathetic towards peoples plight but, I don’t know, there’s this saying: don’t confuse your problems with being my problems and I’m not saying don’t have empathy towards other people but I can’t get pulled into everybody’s shit. I just can’t, look at that, this is my reality and you create your own reality and I’ve worked really hard over the years. And it still is tough because I’m having a challenge monetizing my projects but I’m gonna make it work and I’m looking forward to taking people on some tours in a very controlled way, with the right insurance and licenses and everything else ’cause, you know, being on a boat, I’ve always said it’s a privilege, it’s not a right and you’ve got to pay attention to the details but I just wanted you to see this spectacular view and for the end of September in Toronto, unheard of, and we’re quite lucky ’cause we got burned earlier in the season with really bad weather and now we’re, sorry I got distracted, I forget what I even said. I’m not even paying attention to what I’m saying ’cause I’m just so stunned with this beauty.

What I was trying to say was that at the beginning of the season it was really bad, it was really bad water levels and shitty, shitty weather and now we’re getting amazing weather and people are just, I was at the beach yesterday and there were thousands of people. Whoops, turning the wrong way here. There were thousands and thousands of people on the weekend at the beach and that’s the way life should be my friend! Anyway, keep loving, keep living, keep learning, the proud life and doing what matters. I’ll talk to you later. How do I press this off? There you go, I don’t even wanna press the button off. I don’t even want this moment to end. I think I’ll just do another video.

With lots of love
Dan xoxox

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