Are You Destined For Greatness?


Do you ever have this hard to explain feeling deep inside you that you are destined for some sort of greatness?

I’m not necessarily talking about fame and wealth. It could be the saving of lives and making a profound difference in your community. Typically something you get very little public credit for. Efforts you make that alter of ones destiny in good ways are difficult to tangibly measure.

I’m proudly aware that over the years I have saved others from committing suicide. In the absence of ego, I’ve heard it said my efforts have profoundly changed the outcomes of a project or the direction of someones life for the better.

I am not a paid first responder, nor do I get compensated for saving lives as a firefighter or police officer does. I and so many others like me do it because were at the right place at the right time and our actions are s the right thing to do. Our response to the human condition are kind of a no brainer.

These acts of sacrifice and kindness are the stuff that also creates good Karma…. which in turn brings good things into ones life. There is something in it for me. I want to be on the good side of mother Karma.

God knows enough people have made my life a bit better one simple act at a time.

I've often said it takes far less energy to be kind than a fucking ass hole!

And yet I am often not financially compensated for my good deeds. At least compared to my internet counterparts.

For decades I worked for one of Canada’s largest national charities and was adequately compensated for my good deeds. Our efforts changed the lives of thousands of young people across Canada. But then we had this bug bucked of government funding available to us. You can buy a lot of outreach and development with $15 million a year.

Branching out on your own and putting your start-up expenses on your credit card is a whole other ball game!

I am rich in other ways. Through my freedom, and grounded sense of connection, significance, belonging, contribution and personal growth — living the #ProudLife!

So then what am I doing wrong…. if anything? On many levels nothing wrong.

It all comes down to my own personal definition of success.

“I know I am successful by how much I enjoy my creativity, how much I am in the presence of people who appreciate me and I appreciate them, and when I share my positive energy with community — as I define community.”

One could argue that i’m not a successful as I could be as an entrepreneur — for failing to adequately monetize my good deeds.

Growing the money side of being compensated and helping others it tough to evaluate.

Face it you need money to pay for stuff and you need stuff to grow your practice and make a long-term difference on a scalable level.

Living life un-yielding to any one organization, on my own terms, as an autonomous, self funding practitioner is far easier said than done — but not impossible as proven by others with half the skills and resources I have.

If I fail to monetize my ideas will I be summoned to spend the majority of my waking hours in a traditional subservient job?

Being an employee has been my reality for the first 35 years of my career. But in my mid 50’s I’d had enough. Its time to play a different game!

Plus the world of traditional work has radically changed — much not for the better! I’ve been there and done that which is NOT how I intend to spend my remaining years.

Who wouldn’t love to charge a healthy premium for their services?

Perhaps the solution is to serve more but charge less. Or milk the cash cow to feed the other animals. Meaning charge a core group a premium to fund the other group that can’t afford full pricing.

I get the tremendous satisfaction working with people who are cash strapped for whatever reason. Immigrants, LGBTQ, young people, those in developing countries typically have little money to convert for Canadian high-end consulting services.

The people who need my services the most are often the ones who could afford it the least

I’m connected to thousands of people on the internet and yet in 2017 it’s a struggle to adequately monetize my services.

If I don’t start pulling in more net revenue over the coming months I will hit a brick wall funding the development and marketing of #DanTrep.

To scale up my online presence requires more resources… it’s as simple as that!

It’s not as if I don’t know what do to. I’ve taken scores of ‘how-to’ courses’ and model the practices of ‘the big players’. I am keenly aware of the ‘right formula to implement — I just need to implement — sounds simple enough.

What it takes is a shift in focus from working solo to collaborating with others globally.

I’m putting a tremendous effort into my day but not enough on what contributes to the organic growth of my practice. — that’s not necessarily a bad ting….as as I’ve made significant on other fronts —— Like the hundreds of hours I’ve recently put into upgrading my sailboat and converting it into the ultimate creative space.

So then why am I surprised that I am not reaching my subscription and conversion target?

Duh Dan … maybe it has to do with spending the last 5 months doing wood and mechanical work Akiya in Toronto harbour — eh!

Time to shift……..

Enough said on that……..

If I put half the effort on marketing and outreach for #DanTrep as I did for #Akiya my client base would be much larger!

— hence more people would join in the webinars and online conversations.

Can you relate to what I’m saying? Do you face similar challenges as you launch your epic project? Post your comments and lets connect

ok that’s it… I’ve run out of steam on my writing for tonight. There’s a beautiful calm on the water as the swans swim by grooming themselves and I soak in the beauty


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