With countless options to choose from in the world of online coaching and training, you must understand what makes your mentor coach credible.

Few online programs offer a unique method of integrating Essential Skills into your life. The result? Actual personal growth and development ideas obtained online rarely translate to the real world habits and experiences. — Dan Trepanier

Here are five essential elements to keep in mind as you take a journey with me.

Our process makes the difference between a positive, rewarding experience and the disappointment from most hype’ ish all hype online training experience.

Be mindful of these five elements that make the difference between a positive, rewarding experience versus a hyped-up, over-priced online experience.

1 – Online DanTrep Training Should Help You Grow Personally and Professionally

Training without actual personal growth isn’t training, is it?

Since we learn self-awareness and skill-development by practicing, your DanTrep training program should get you out in the world among people, exploring your new skills and applying them to your life in concrete ways.

In our online training, beyond the live Q&A and coaching available, I offer DanTrep ENERGY builders and STEALTH assignments, unique protocols that are part of each cornerstone learning module.

These unique exercises help you apply your new skills to yourself and among others.

Few online programs offer a unique method of integrating Essential Skills into your life. The result? Actual personal growth and development in the real world.

2 – Superb Training Content

Dan’s been teaching and leading Essential Skills Programs for over 25 years.

The online programs are simply the very best I have to offer — Dan Trepanier.

Dan’s approach in learning is grounded in the best of developmental psychology, career planning, social work, coaching, essential skills training, peak performance and common sense.

The result is a more sophisticated curriculum that is useful in the real world, not just the training environment.

3 – Mentor Works with Integrity

4. I’m here to tell you that if you want to build a life that matters, to live love learn on your terms, and the terms of this near and dear to you, it will take some time and commitment on your part.

If you’re willing to spend a few months with (28 days minimally) and apply your best effort, you’ll be well on your way.

If you aren’t prepared to spend some time and put forth the effort to learn, then “easy whatsoever” may be a better fit.

4 – Live Help When you Need it

Online Dan Trep training without easy access to live help is not good. Even with excellent materials, you’ll have questions and want to get clarification.

With Dan, you can rest assured that there is someone to call to answer your questions or help with tech issues.

I’m very responsive, so you will not be left on your own. — Dan Trepanier

5 – The Truth

If you’ve read somewhere that online coaching is nothing more than hype, you’ll be happy to learn that here I prefer the truth. You won’t catch me hyping up Essential Skills like snake-oil salespeople, selling their “secret sauce.”

I offer a reliable, results-oriented, and teachable set of skills. The results you get from applying DanTrep Essential Skills to your life are gratifying. There aren’t, however, any magical formulas, no matter what online trainers claim.