The Impact of Negative Thinking on Your Everyday Life


We've all seen the news lately. The world is a troubled place.

In this context, negative thinking just seems like realistic thinking. I mean, staying positive in the midst of entropy and not expecting the worst is downright dumb, right?  What is the Impact of Negative Thinking on Your Everyday LGBTQ Life?

When you let negative thoughts take control over your mind, you allow them to take control over your life. Allow that to sink in for a second.

With that in mind, I say let's go into detail and discuss the influence negative thinking has on your everyday life. 


The daily drudgery of practice, the impulse control required to say no to distractions,  and the discipline needed to get better at something, even when your body is tired or mind unfocused is what separates mediocrity from true talent.

Dan Trepanier

Certified , Personal Wellness Trainer

1. You're Unknowingly Setting Yourself up for Failure

''I can't do that. Things won't go my way. Life is only going to get worse from now on".

When you fuel your mind with these kinds of thoughts, you are intentionally sabotaging yourself by:

  • Lowering your confidence level
  • Losing motivation and ambition
  • Reducing your self-esteem

Does that sound like something that will benefit you? Nobody needs this kind of discouragement. So why are we constantly doing it to ourselves?

The truth is that most people have an easier time accepting failure. That's because they've come to expect it. Success, on the other hand, is hard to define and difficult to deal with.

I know most people say they want it, but few are truly mentally and emotionally equipped to handle their own success.

2. Don't Lose Track of What Matters Most

By only focusing on the negative aspects of your life, you risk losing perspective.

If you ask me, negative thinking is just a waste of thoughts. Are all those worries on your mind right now really worth your energy and time?

Or are you giving them more recognition than they deserve and neglecting other things in your life that are actually meaningful?

Life will never be perfect, but all that stuff that make you feel glum or sad are just a part of it.

Negative thoughts are just like bullies. They take advantage of your weakness, hit you when you're down, and make you forget about the positive aspects of life.

But if you stand up for yourself and recalibrate your mind, you can win the fight!

3. Negative Thinking Is a Lot like Getting Drunk

Minus the fun.

What I mean by this is that negative thinking clouds your judgment and alters your behavior, much like alcohol does.

Only that instead of alcohol, you are intoxicated with your gloomy outlook on life.

When you let negative thoughts take over your life, you start being less active and stop seeking new opportunities in your life. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

An old addiction, be it even an old habit, is not easy to overcome. An alcoholic will always have that one more drink.

However, every new day gives you a clean slate, a fresh start, and a chance to do things better.

Your Choice

A dim view will only hinder your chances of living a meaningful, happy life. My humble advice is not to let yourself be enslaved by your own thoughts.

But in the end, it's up to you.

Given the choice, it doesn't make much sense to choose that one option that will only make your life worse, now, does it?

The Impact of Negative Thinking on Your Everyday LGBTQ Life

The Impact Of Negative Thinking On Your Everyday Life

Sticks and stones may break your bones but negative thinking will press your chest, crush your soul, blur your vision, and paralyze your next move. Do you want that in your everyday queer life? Narrow minded people have so many negative opinions about community, and the best we can do about it is to think positively about our lives.

One of the major problems with negative thinking is that when positive things happen, you somehow think they are negative. Listen to my podcast, I promise it’s a positive thing.

Dan Trepanier

Certified , Personal Wellness Trainer