This was an idea that began locally and is then expanded to be inclusive across Canada in a customized way, and ultimately became a sort of “national expression” of the scope, reach and success of the Youth Internship programs we were delivering. — Dan Trepanier 

A National Expression

  • Stakeholders have consistent, compelling material to highlight existing participant and mentor success and enhance their motivation for new or continued participation in the program.
  • A promotional tool (with a regional, national or department specific perspective), is distributed at special events, via prospective mentor packages, and to existing mentor resource kits.
  • The national “scale and social impact” of the Federal Governments’ investment in youth, local communities and the public service is highlighted. From a storytelling perspective this supports the program renewal (funding)’ process.
  • Mentors, interns, YMCAs, the Federal Government have a platform to ‘tell the story’ related to program and participant outcomes (making a difference).
  • Stories get ‘picked-up’ by Government and Industry Publications’  and are distributed nationally across Canada.
  • Stories are shared virally through various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger etc.