Tom, in his mid 50’s struggles with how to come out as Gay Man, meet others, find love, feel safe, discover and live his retirement years on his terms.

What was supposed to be a no-charge 20-minute first discovery session with me (Dan) ended up being 50 productive minutes of a brief solution-focused approach?

It was about doing what matters in the short-term for Tom to expand his comfort zone and “put himself out there.”

Immediately after my discussion with Tom, I felt inspired to ‘debrief’ my thoughts with you. — Dan Trepanier


Hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Questioning) men and women struggle with many issues related to sexuality. 

Typically we discover and start dealing with sexuality early in life; some wait until much later, as in Tom’s case, and unfortunately too many never get to realize the joys of fully expressing and being themselves, every day, with peace, authenticity and comfort.

When did you come out to your parents as a heterosexual man? Just imagine if this question was as frequent as the one regarding gay guy’s coming out story.

There is still so much auto-stigma people in the LGBTQ community have to face before they open the doors of that stupid closet heteronormative society has put them in.

Today, I am coming out as your advisor on this issue.

Dan Trepanier

Dan Trepanier

Certified , Personal & Wellness Trainer