I was initially approached to collaborate with program leaders in Quebec because they needed a means to deliver, store, edit, and back-up existing information, activities, workshops, articles, etc – Dan Trepanier

The YMCA National Alternative Suspension Program youth workers needed a platform to communicate, motivate, share – bring workers together from across the country.

The ‘Impact-Wiki’ platform was the ideal solution destined to give staff and volunteers access to all the workshops, activities, articles and the like, that were pertinent to achieving program and participant outcomes. In the same vein the youth workers were more inclined to develop new material and to easily communicate resources to their peers across the country.

Previously the AS network had been using the Google group platform to achieve the above mentioned goals. However they stopped using it for a number of reasons both of which were easily solved in using the ‘Impact-Wiki’. The first being that Google has changed the groups application so much so that it is no longer useful for our needs. Also, the Google platform does not have the best reputation for being secure. Lastly, it was a resource only being used by the English-speaking youth workers.

Wiki Learning Journey Webinars

Live Trainings were delivered as five 1 hour interactive GoToWebinars: Wiki fundamentals training Webinars offered a comprehensive view of the wiki features from an end user’s perspective. The materials provided a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience, and explained how to become a more active contributor in the content creation process. Learners following this Webinar series became proficient with editing pages in wiki markup and rich text, embedding images, using macros, labels, templates, tiny links, searching for content, daily email reports and using page restrictions. This was an ideal refresher for anyone already familiar with a wiki concept.

You have better retention and keep up the enthusiasm via ongoing 1-hr training modules.

Between workshops, participants worked in the wiki and reviewed their progress  to date, and were offered support. The practice time between Webinars was just as important as our coaching time. Every module was designed to build upon each other with a fixed date bi-weekly for 10 weeks. If someone was unable to attend a module, they could view one of the podcasts that were created.

We must utilize the wiki more for this project and not rely so much on doing work through back and forth emails and email attachments. It would be more efficient for all of us.The most important feature in the wiki is that it allows us to work collaboratively in real-time. Reducing the number of emails, increasing efficiency and promoting a knowledge based collaborative community of practice. It would help then with team development in using the wiki more now and decreasing email…so if we got into that practice now they will be in a better position in “working the wiki way” as the wiki grows.  – Dan Trepanier


The YMCAs of Québec” A Mutually Engaging Relationship’   Dan I think we have developed a very interesting and mutually engaging relationship between our two initiatives. The work we are now doing will definitely pave the way for many more similar approaches with YMCA associations from across the country and will bring us closer as a movement. George Kalimeris, Directeur National, Alternative Suspension et programmes de persévérance scolaire, Les YMCA du Québec. National Director, Alternative Suspension and school retention programs


I very much appreciated your feedback and input on the Wiki platform. Your visit certainly raised my level of excitement and anticipation in building an engagement piece within the wiki and I’m looking forward to working with you more as we get further along in this process…In talking to Barry today, our next step is testing the platform on “eager beaver” “wiki champion” youth workers and gathering their feedback and ideas. Please let me know if I can provide you with more details or if you have anymore questions or suggestions. Thanks again for our meeting and talk to you soon – John Zeus, User Adoption Consultant


‘Excited to Continue the Journey!’  Thank you very much Dan for your time and hospitality yesterday! We are also very excited to continue this journey and take the next step of introducing the youth workers to this awesome resource. And I’m extremely pleased to hear that we are now at the point of testing it with users. I look forward to our Webinar. – Andrew Borrelli, Coordonnateur développement et formation, Alternative Suspension, Les YMCA du Québec. Coordinator of Development and Training, Alternative Suspension, The YMCAs of Québec