I Challenge YOU from Brazil

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This 8 minute video was originally shot in Aracaju, Brazil January 2018. I'm tossing three challenges at you. I encourage you to read a good book every two weeks, get up SUPER early, and get away from your country of origin. Go travel somewhere for an extended period of time (at least two months).

Hey, it's Dan, and I'm still here in Brazil. If you've been following me lately, you can see that I have been posting a whole bunch of spontaneous videos, and this is one of my journal entries, and I just got a piece of insight today that I'd like to share with you via video.

When you go away for at least 60 days, incredible insights start to happen. When you get away from social media, from the TV, from your own culture, when you start hanging out in a different country.

This month I'm here pretty much on my own. My partner comes and delivers a little bit of food for me. And nobody around speaks a word of English, so I have nobody to talk to. I swim in the pool. I get up at five in the morning and I go swimming in the ocean , and walk for five miles.

I come back and it's still only seven o'clock in the morning. And then I've got some reading to do. I'm on my fourth book and I feel guilty, like I should be working, I should be doing something else. But I realize that when I'm reading these books, I'm actually working on myself. I'm working on my own personal and professional development, even though I think I'm pretty good in that area.

You never stop learning, you never stop growing, you never stop living, you never stop loving, you never stop challenging yourself. And as I read these books I using Kindle, and I madly create notes.

I can't wait to get back to Toronto to start fleshing out those books.

In addition to encouraging people to get up at five in the morning, and do a particular routine, I am going to be starting a book club. Not an Oprah type...

I'm actually reading a book right now in essentialism that's pretty amazing. I'm going to be start a book called The Shift, by Dr Wayne Dyer. I've already read it once before, but I want to read it again.

Reading books, prolifically, is incredibly powerful. I'm talking about professional development, self-help type books. Not necessarily novels. Although if you want to read novels, then go for it.

I encourage you to read books. I encourage you to journal. I encourage you to develop the habit of getting up at five a.m.

I encourage you to get away from your country of origin, and go travel somewhere for an extended period of time (at least two months). Figure out a way to do it where it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. In this particular case I'm quite fortunate in that I can stay at my partner's parents beach house. I have to pay for some things, but it's not like I'm staying in a fancy hotel somewhere.

I decided the other day that I was going do this every year. This year I'm away for two months. Next year I want to be away for four months. Two months here, two months somewhere else. I'm thinking either Thailand or Costa Rica.

The only caveat is that I do need to have a degree of high-speed internet that's pretty reliable. Because I do need to stay connected. I need to also continue working and producing videos.

This time around here, I'm not serving a whole lot of clients. It's more about me and my personal development and enjoying Brazilian culture, so on and so forth.

The next time I'm here I'm going to be working in a way where I'm doing webinars for people and with people.

And I'm even, contemplating a way to bring a group of people here to Brazil. Can you imagine if 10, 15 of us came here and rented this space for, three weeks, a month, and did some work? How powerful that would be?

I know I have a 30’ sailboat in Toronto, and have decided to host clients on that boat. It's a creative space where we go through a self-awareness and skill development process. That means focusing my practice a little bit more on Toronto, during summer months while inviting you and other people to come and experience, being on a sailboat as a metaphor for charting a course for yourself in your life.

Getting away and being in that creative space, and challenging yourself, and so on and so forth. There's a whole philosophy behind that approach that's pretty powerful.

And so this video is a journal entry. I'm sharing my thoughts with you. It's a free-flowing ramble. It's a new format. I think it's pretty powerful. And in sharing, I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with me.

I encourage you to grab your phone, if that's what you use, and start producing a video with your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, and your challenges, and post them somewhere publicly.

For me this video journal entry is a really big challenge, because I'm going to post on Facebook, and thousands of people will watch. I don't say that out of ego like, oh, look at me, thousands of people will see this. I say it to mean that by posting it and making it public you've now gotta follow through with it.

Everything I've just told you can't be bullshit. I now have to do it. And so that holds me accountable. So if I say to you that I'm getting up at five o'clock in the morning I have to follow through.

If I say that next year I'm going to be gone for four months, working, earning money, serving clients, doing things in two different tropical climates, I've got to do it. Now, I might change my mind and decide to stay here for four months. But four months it is!

I'm done with cold, nasty-ass winters in Toronto. More power to you who live in TO, but this Brazil experience has been life altering for me in terms of my first year of really getting away for more than a week from a cold Toronto climate. I love Toronto, I truly love Toronto, but I can't stand cold weather. Can't stand it.

That's my ramble.

Love you guys. Send me a message. Keep in touch.

Dan xox


Anxiety Journal (Worksheet)

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It can be helpful to keep a log of your thoughts and feelings. Complete the following each day. Bring this to your sessions so we can discuss your progress.

Do you need professional help to face daily challenges. With this  resource you have access to a variety of valuable content to cope with anxiety. Whether you are trying to achieve peace or simply want meditation strategies, my mission is to guide you on your journey to manage depression, stress, or anxiety.

Do you struggle with excessive stress? I believe I am in a unique position to help in the personal challenges you face every day. Perhaps you are dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life, which can be hard to move past without help. 

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

I Was Hoping To Do Some Online Writing Today

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I Was Hoping To Do Some Online Writing Today — uggggggg!

I was hoping to get some quality online writing done today but face so many distractions --- ugggggg I think having access to reasonably priced high-speed unlimited mobile internet challenge for Canadians.Our wireless plans are such a rip off compared to the rest of the developed world. Who wants to pay hundreds of extra dollars a month in overage charges for connecting with others? Oh sure I can steal free unsecured signals from places like Starbucks but sitting in a noisy crowded cafe for hours on end is not my cup to tea. I can only imagine the financial burden people around the world face with this issue. I believe Facebook is a pig on data.

Scrolling through your news feed triggers consumptive video posts. Try streaming music and news channels, Gif’s, app’s like Growlr and Grinder all help max out data plans. Video and high-resolution graphics evolve at an exponential rate and drive up data charges. I begrudge paying hundreds in overage charges within a monopolizes ISP (Internet Service Provider) Market. Sadly I have little choice if I want to grow my online practice from the remote corners of Lake Ontario on my Yacht — eh! In my line if work its critical to continually connect with others via social media and other online platforms. Forget about Netflix, or uploading podcasts, graphic elements and other collaborative documents to the cloud. — I’m talking about the basic stuff. So what option do I have — pay more or cut back? I am unwilling to do either. I’m forced to be more strategic in what I stream or not stream at all — and that sucks because I’m a rather prolific user.

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction communicating with people in developing countries and those living on the edge of poverty. I’m keenly aware that many of my base readers struggle with data costs too. I know I lose many as their digital engagement and user adoption behaviours taper off.

There is a trend in people looking for alternative ways to consume online information without the burden of ISP charges. This often means less video and data intensive content (animations, GIF’s and large pig resolution web pages) and more text and audio files. On DanTrep.com most of my video posts now contain a separate audio file via Soundcloud plus transcript. I do enjoy having the sound of a podcast in the background as oppose to being fixated to a video. I’m keenly aware that offering content in video, plus text and audio formats are more work for those in practice but in the long run we add value and give users more choice via less data intensive ways to consume our information.

Do you agree with my perspective and face a similar challenge?

xox Dan