• Type: Plyometrics
  • Main Muscle Worked: Quadriceps
  • Other Muscles: Abdominals, Shoulders, Triceps, Glutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Mechanics Type: Compound
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Sport: No
  • Force:N/A


  1. Stand upright with your arms beside your torso and adopt a shoulder width stance. This will be your starting position.
  2. Inhale and descend into a press up position. Place your hands just wider than shoulder width and jump backward with your feet so that your legs are fully extended and your body is supported by your toes and hands.
  3. Continue to drop your torso downward towards the floor by bending at your elbows until your chest is only a few inches away.
  4. Once you get to this point, exhale and aggressively press through your hands by extending your elbow joints and create enough upward motion to be able to jump your legs back underneath your body so that when you take your hands off the floor, you should be in the bottom of a squat.
  5. Now, press through the middle of your feet by using your thighs and glutes, extending at both your knee and hip joints to generate power for a jumping motion (you can use your arms at this point to emphasise lift).
  6. As you land, inhale and go straight into the next repetition.
  7. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.