Avoid Workaholic Habits – Get a Meaningful Life Now


How do YOU know if you are a workaholic?

  1. You are always in a hurry. Deadlines want me dead. I have to kill them with overtime.
  2. You are anxious when you are not working. Thinking about work is a full-time job.
  3. You deny you have any problems when someone confronts you with it. You deny it even now when you are reading this text. I do not work too much. I am in a romantic relationship with my job and no one is going to tear us apart.
  4. You can not relax when you are on vacation.
  5. You believe you are the only one who can get the job done right. My job is better than a blowjob.
  6. You pretend you have no psychological, physical or physiological problems related to job (stress, tiredness, tension, pain in the stomach, insomnia)

Why does one become a workaholic?

The main cause of suffering for a workaholic is low self-confidence. Workaholics are people who need to compensate their feeling of low self-worth by being the best at their job. Research have shown that workaholics had problems with acceptance in their childhood. Their parents were sending them the message that they are not good enough. When they grow up, they believe that the only way to prove them wrong is to over-achieve. If home is where your job isn’t, then workaholic is a hobo.

When you completely replace the health habits of taking care of yourself with obsessing over your work you lose life-balance.

It is impossible to connect with others when you are disconnected from personal life. While it might look like workaholic is a highly successful individual, the price he is paying is too high. No money can compensate our core human need to have time for ourselves and people we care about.
Other serious consequences of workaholics include anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts, breakups, heart attack, etc.

Daily reminder: The most important work you have in life is to work on yourself. Your professional job should only be one segment of your personal growth.

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Do NOT confuse PASSION with being a Workaholic

P.S. That’s a whole other topic of discussion