Are YOU a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?


If you analyzed every situation that occurs to you or processed information about every person you meet, you wouldn’t have time for life. This is the reason you have convictions about yourself and the world around you. Those are your shortcuts. Your convictions are your map. Maps are never identical to reality. The problem appears when the map is false, but we believe it is legit.

When your wrong convictions have an identity crisis and you start thinking they are right predictions, that’s when shit happens. Self-fulfilling prophecy is a phenomenon underlying many emotional and interpersonal problems. It is called prophecy based on our predictions that make us think, feel and behave in a way that we expected to.

Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but you are not a prophet.

You are the creator of your future feelings, thoughts and behaviours. When they come to a realization, you use them as a proof of your prediction talent. It’s not you; it’s your selective perception. You only see what your eyes want to see. It is an illusion; a cognitive flaw.
Let’s take psychologically induced impotence as an example.

A guy who failed to get hard few times during sex starts worrying in advance. He questions whether he will be capable of having normal sexual relationships in the future. I am sure this will happen to me again, he says. That worry shakes him up and induces physical tension that prevents erection. When that happens, the guy starts predicting it will happen again. The self-fulfilling prophecy leads to lack of sexual interest, low self-worth, depression and pre-coitus anxiety.

Breaking the habit of self-fulfilling prophecy requires a conscious effort.

Spend some time reconsidering your convictions. When you think you know how the future is going to unfold, slow down and ask yourself a question – Do I want things to happen that way?


Daily reminder: You are going to be okay, but maybe not in the way you expect to be.