Self-Discovery – 5 Powerful Ways by Keeping a Journal


Attain self-discovery by writing everyday,  by writing everyday thoughts, I'd love to hear your story. - Dan Trepanier

We rarely think about what defines us despite how important it is. There is an easy way to attain self-discovery: Keeping a journal.

You might be asking yourself how something so mundane can help. That's what we'll be discussing today. Here are a few habits that will help you find out who you are:



  • Write down your DREAMS 
  • Make a "What I Love" List
  • Make a "What Needs to Stop" List
  • Record Your Ambitions
  • Attain Self-Discovery by Writing Everyday Thoughts
5 Powerful Ways YOU GET Self-Discovery by Keeping a Journal (B2L)

Write down your DREAMS

  • You've probably heard already how much you can tell about someone by their dreams. When we sleep, our mind is free to wander without any limits. Dreams are a gateway to your psyche.
  • Write every detail, no matter how weird or embarrassing it is. Even wet dreams can help you realize what you like in people and how you feel. Never repress desire, it's unhealthy.
  • If you keep dreaming of someone, maybe you should make a move. At the very least, you'll have closure.
  • Capture the surrealism of your dreams in writing and you will soon see the meaning behind them.

Make a "What I Love" List

Our strong feelings are a big part of us and what feeling is stronger than love? Put all your hobbies and favorite activities on the list. Anything that makes you feel good goes on it. To attain self-discovery, you need to know what makes you tick. You may say that you already know this stuff, but a list offers clarity and structure to your thoughts. Start writing and you'll start understanding yourself better. I think this list and the part about dreams goes double to the LGBTQ community. Many of us deal with repressed feelings and wishes. If you hide what you feel, you'll never attain self-discovery. You have to be true to yourself. A journal and a "love" list will help you do that.

Make a "What Needs to Stop" List 

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. We are affected by negative things as much as pleasant ones. If you are stuck doing things you dislike, it's expectable to feel like a stranger. This list should include anything unhealthy that you keep on doing. That can mean anything from late night eating to bad relationships. Don't leave anything out. You need to be honest. Identify the bad thing in your life, the stuff you want to eliminate. You'll attain self-discovery and have a nifty list to help you improve your life. Update your lists whenever something new appears.

Record Your Ambitions

Writing down what you want to achieve has two benefits. The first one is that you'll be more motivated to do something when you read the journal. The second benefit is that it offers perspective. Think about historical figures. We know who they are because of what they did. Well, your story is still in the writing so discover yourself by thinking about what you want to do. Ambitions give us purpose and help us develop as people.

Attain Self-Discovery by Writing Everyday Thoughts

The bulk of your journal should be unorganized, uncategorized ideas and feelings. The methods I mentioned before are definitely efficient, but they're not enough. Your journal should paint an image of your day-to-day life. Anyone that reads it will get a good idea about you. You'll get an even better picture because you'll have firsthand memory of every word. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about yourself by keeping a journal. The only real challenge is being brutally honest with yourself. It's paramount that you do that. I hope the article will help you know yourself better. Self-discovery leads to better choices and a happier life.

Lets have a no hassle discovery session -- I'd love to hear your story!

5 Powerful Ways YOU GET Self-Discovery by Keeping a Journal

One of my favorite places to doole and do my 'braindumps' is a journal because no matter how many times I burned it or buried it in the woods, it always winded up in my bed.  Jokes aside, writing my thoughts, dreams, aspirations on paper in the morning\evening helped me read myself better. Especially when I did it on regular basis. Sometimes I journal then toss the piece of paper away or shove it in a drawer somewhere. Everyone has their own journaling style -- whats yours? 

I strongly believe everyone should keep some form of paper or online diary and treat it like their favorite book. Journals  offer you self-discovery like no other piece of writing. Sorry, Hemingway. (Not sorry)

Self-discovery is a journey and your journal is your best travel companion. Start by doodling and see what happens!

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Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer