30 Day Fitness Challenge


Easy Peasy Fitness Challenge!

Set one goal and one result.

Reach the goal and result at the end of 30 days and I will take you sailing (or motoring) around Toronto Island. 

A Few SIMPLE Conditions

  1. You don’t have to purchase Personal Training from me to participate.
  2. You don’t need a membership at Last Rep Fitness Centre, where I’m based and NO one will try and sell you a membership (not our style)
  • You DO have to meet me for coffee in person to discuss your 30 day goals. So living or working in Toronto helps — eh!
  • You do have to drop in at least three times over the 30 days to get get weighed or have a quick follow-up chat at Last Rep Fitness Centre 530 Yonge Street. PS: I take my coffee black how do you take yours?
  • Results and activities are based on an honour system. If you cheat (doubt you will) you’ll only be cheating yourself.
  • Other than cheating you would have maybe hustled me for a free sail but hey, what the heck I’m sailing anyway, and I can sniff a hustle miles away so don’t tempt me to act all butch and throw you overboard – close to shore and with a life jacket but I promise I won’t let you drown — eh!
  • Our Toronto Island boating date is fair weather dependant but we have all summer to pick a time – I promise it WILL happen.
  • I reserve the right to invite up to three other Challenge participants. A small group makes it way more fun. Max 4 of us on the boat (including me). I can host more but it gets a little tight if we start sailing.
Example: I will workout 5 days a week for at least ½ hour and loose 5 lbs.
Workout could mean three times at my gym and two times at home our outside. You decide the workout or I can suggest a plan.
  • I will go swimming 10 laps three times a week
  • I will ride my bike to work every day.
  • I will — you decide…
  • But there must be a positive result such as loosing weight or a measurable change in your body composition.

I can help you articulate a reasonable goal.


Send me a text message at 416-300-1600 to set a time to meet one-on-one. 

Dan’s FREE advice. Let’s grab a coffee to discuss your springtime fitness goals and challenges. TAKE the 30 Day ‘We Got This FITNESS CHALLENGE’ in Toronto. Workout anywhere.
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Kickstarting vitality and wellness is easier than you think and does not have to break the bank. You’d be amazed on the countless ways you can have fun increasing your overall sense of wellbeing. 

30 Days


Time for a Fitness Challenge

Spring is when most of us relish the idea of crawling out of hibernation to enjoy more of the outdoors. A time to pick up a few new wellness habits. Time for a Fitness Challenge
If you live in Toronto you know what a Canadian winter is like….brrrrrr. For many of us it's that ‘couch potato’ uggggg I don’t want to go outside sluggish mentality. 


Did you gan a few extra pounds of fat this year? 

Oh sure we say there’s no excuse for being a bear….. but as humans it's normal to value certain creature comforts - a warm comfy couch to binge watching our favourite shows. Or any excuse to avoid cold weather. Perhaps you immerse yourself in work by putting in extra hours (sitting in that office chair far too long)? 
Some of us are……mmmmm…..not so lucky on the fitness front!  
Whatever the routine, Springtime is a great opportunity to mix things up, do something different. I bet you say it often —  that ‘LIFE is SHORT’. 
You want to get outside again and appreciate the what nature has to offer us — cycling, hitting the park, a patio or just hanging out with friends.

Increase your stamina, strength and flexibility with a new routine. Lubricate those stiff joints and get off your ASS!


As a Certified Personal & Wellness Trainer I hear, see and experience the same challenges many Torontonians face. The pursuit of….. more of this and less of that as the seasons change!



…..ok so we got this is bad english... but I like catchy slang 🙂
Kickstarting vitality and wellness is easier than you think and does not have to break the bank. You’d be amazed on the countless ways you can have fun increasing your overall sense of wellbeing. 
Feel better with the right focus and strategy and supports. 
Not everyone is a fan of big box gym memberships or equipment. Somedays they’re ok but to be blunt many people just get BORED and needed to mix things up. 


If you can afford a full priced Personal Trainer then cool, but not everyone can. Don’t get me wrong I love SERVING full fee clients 2-3 times a week. — Helps pay the rent at my super cool training space. But I also get tremendous satisfaction connecting with others who despite financial constraints, are eager to feel better. 

Toronto is a crazy ass expensive city to live in and do stuff in — most things are expensive BUT what choice do you have? 


  • Teaming up with someone like me or a fitness buddy holds you accountable and gives you that ‘kick in the pants’ you need from time to time. 
  • Let’s make a game out of it? 
Offering FREE advice, grabbing a cup of coffee with you. Having fun over new fitness efforts is a cool way to spend time. 
Yea maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll have the budget to formally train with me 2-3 times a week for the next few years. But statistically speaking I know that 9 out of 10 people wont. AND I ok with that…Honestly!! 
This spring and summer I’ve dedicated TWO full days a week to SERVE my community for FREE.



  • Let’s meet for coffee close to my training centre at Last Rep 530 Yonge St, TORONTO.  
  • We’ll chat about your hopes, dreams and challenges related to FITNESS & WELLBEING. 
  • I’ll help you set one major fitness goal over the next 30 days. 
  • We’ll devise a plan of action and figure out the most effective way to connect every day for the next 30 days. 
The accountability and collaborative approach to helping you build new fitness habits will pay off!  In the end we’ll both learn something new. 
Maybe you’ll hire me the following month. Maybe you wont — and again I am fine with either outcome— trust me!  


Ok enough talk - time for ACTION. Want to play? 

Send me a text message at 416-300-1600 to set a time to meet one-on-one. 
Dan Trepanier

Certified , Personal & Wellness Trainer


Let's Go Sailing


Complete Dan's 30 Day Fitness Fitness Challenge! 

ABOVE and BEYOND gym workouts. 

Reach YOUR goal and at the end of 30 days and I will take you sailing (or motoring) around Toronto Island. 
  • Increase your stamina, strength and flexibility with a new routine. Lubricate those stiff joints and get off your ASS!
  • Vitality and wellness are easier to have than you think.
  • You’d be amazed on the countless ways you can have fun and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.