As you contemplate the state of your current relationship consider these 10 statements.

If you answers are different to what I’ve posted below then perhaps you’ve stumbled across an area in your relationship worth further discussion and exploration. The aim is to do what matters to live and work one your own terms. To have relationships that matter.

To idealize or be obsessed with someone else in not healthy. Distance and space are an important part of a healthy relationship. The occasional bout of alone time builds personal growth.

Would YOU answer any of these questions differently? If so then let’s talk.

  1. Do you obsess over spending every moment with your honeybee? NO
  2. Do you have friends and hobbies inside and outside of your relationship? YES
  3. Are you well aware of the reality of life’s demands outside of a your partnership? YES
  4. Can you attend a social function alone and have as much fun as if your partner had attended? YES
  5. Do you offer each other support and pleasure without being ‘glued at the hips’? YES
  6. If you ended your relationship tomorrow would you still remain friends? YES
  7. Is your relationship based on authentic love, understanding and mutual respect?  YES
  8. Is your partner a basic preoccupation? NO
  9. Are you always looking for someone to make you complete? NO
  10. Are you always hoping for love and when you find it are paranoid you’re going to lose it? NO


Most of us are aware how sexual attraction fades over the time, but few do anything about it. 

Dan Trepanier

Certified, Personal Wellness Trainer