Can YOU Agree?

  • There’s no easy path in life.
  • I have unused potential.
  • I get satisfaction feeling and helping others find joy.
  • I must embrace self-awareness and new essential skills.
  • I am ready to address the good, bad and unique about myself.

Lean into fears, shed obstacles, and truly live life on your terms and the terms of those near and dear to you.

Today far too many self-help brands over-promise and under-deliver. Tossing a bunch of pdfs, video links and ‘here do this’ resources won’t necessarily solve your current real-world problems or help take your shit to the next level!

Perhaps it’s as simple as; Maybe your life sucks a bit more than you prefer, and you know you need to wisely invest the effort (and resources) to make the shift from where you are now to where you would like to be in the coming weeks, months, years!

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , Can YOU Agree?

A Mix of Paid and Free Content

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At Your Own Pace

Ease into it with as little as 10 minutes a day or dive into the content with all your might. As you move from option to option, your journey is supported by a Mentor Coach.

Our Learning Systems

Our platform uses a ‘best-in-class’ Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). Your privacy, security and ease of use are critical.

With an LMS and CRM system, it’s easy to track the content subscribed to, and what you’ve best or completed material was.


Quizzes and lessons to personalize your experience and ensure you’re making progress in getting what you expect. We aim to meet or exceed your expectations!

Ten DanTrep Wins! 

  1. Expand Beliefs 
  2. Enjoy a more sustainable life
  3. Experience Vital Habits
  4. Find Meaning and Focus
  5. Discover Inspired Spaces
  6. Foster Creative Endeavors 
  7. Embrace Existential Change
  8. Nurture Transformative Relationships
  9. Strive for more; Significance, Contribution, Connection, Belonging and Personal Growth
  10. Understand what LGBTQ diversity and social inclusion are in ACTION. 
Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , Ten DanTrep Wins!

I Believe That How You Feel & Start
Each Morning Is Going To Determine, Or At Least  Influence The Rest Of Your Day

I Promise you; I will....

  • make the content you get about YOU the reader, not about me or what I am selling.
  • Take people who are curious about what I do and turn them into loving fans.
  • Use my best content — the kind that makes readers glad every time they click-through.
  • Not exaggerate, or over-promise.
  • Collaborate to help you solve the problems you want to solve. To give you the short, quick wins, you need to achieve results.
  • Show you a genuine, no bull approach that offers the practical ADVICE, SUPPORT & RESOURCES.

MindfulnessX Stream

“the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment” (Kabat-Zinn)


Core Sessions 

  • Attention & The Now 
  • Automaticity 
  • Judgment 
  • Acceptance 
  • Goals 
  • Compassion 
  • The Ego 
  • Integration 

Formal Meditations

  • The Body Scan 
  • Seated Meditation 
  • Three-Minute-Breathing-Space

Journal This…

  • The Wheel of Awareness 
  • Increasing Awareness of Cognitive Distortions 
  • Mindful Speaking 
  • The Inner Critic 

Stream Supports

  • Training Overview  
  • Training Expectations Survey 
  • Safely Practicing 
  • Setting the Scene  
  • When I Guide Meditations
  • The Acceptance of Emotions 
  • Inquiry 
  • Your Personal Mindfulness Plan 
  • Meditation Troubleshooting  
  • Creating Quiet Time 
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation 
  • Cultivating Mindfulness through Single-tasking 
  • Observer Meditation 
  • Mindful Walking 
  • Mindfully Meeting Other People
  • 1-2 Minute Mindful Listening
  • Eye of the Hurricane Meditation 
  • Using Photography to Increase Savouring 
  • 1-Minute Just-Be  
  • 1-Minute Imagine Strolling 
  • John and Jill Mind Reaction Exercise 
  • Benefit Finding 
  • Resistance Meditation
  • Unwanted Guest Metaphor 
  • Gratitude
  • Visualizing a Compassionate Self 
  • Ego as Shopping Cart Metaphor 


MindfulnessX Stream

Healthy Connections

DanSailboat Stream

myJournaling Stream

EssentialSkills Stream

FindMeaning Stream

StrategicWork Stream

GreatMind Stream

ProudLife LGBTQ

VitalHabits Stream

BookVille Stream

Create2Inspire Stream

CaseStudy Stream

I Help YOU Gain Personal & Professional GROWTH

Training without actual personal growth isn't training.

Since we learn self-awareness and skill-development by practicing, your DanTrep training program should get you out in the world among people, exploring your new skills and applying them to your life in concrete ways.

In our online training, beyond the live Q&A and coaching available, I offer DanTrep ENERGY builders and STEALTH assignments – unique protocols that are part of each cornerstone learning module.

These unique builders and assignments help you apply your new skills to yourself and among others.

Few online programs offer a unique method of integrating Essential Skills into your life. The result? Actual personal growth and development in the real world.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , READ: 5 Essential Elements of Quality Training with Dan Trepanier

myJournaling Stream

Learn to freely and safely capture your experiences, ideas, and reflections for great insight and healing. 


  • Why I Journal
  • Journaling Strategies
  • Getting Started With Mind Mapping (Checklist)
  • Journal About What’s Calling You To Make A Change
  • Start Your Story – Here’s How I Started Mine
  • Anxiety Journal (Worksheet)
  • Journal Bucket Lists – To Experience Inspiration and Joy
  • Self-Discovery – 5 Powerful Ways by Keeping a Journal
  • When You Don’t Know What To Write — Start Writing
  • 17 Ways to Overcome Writing and Creativity Blocks
  • I Challenge YOU from Brazil
  • Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Talking, and That’s OK.
  • 7 Types of Freelance Writing 
  • Let me VENT – I Was Hoping To Do Some Online Writing Today But….. 

Find Meaning Stream

A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. 

A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or something is real is good, right, or valuable, a trust in someone’s worth or ability.


  • Do You Have These Self Destructive Beliefs?
  • Where Do YOU Find Meaning?
  • See The Bigger Picture When
  • Life Doesn’t Go Your Way
  • Develop Self-Confidence – Go After Your Dreams (Workbook)
  • Give & Be Grateful You’re ALIVE!
  • If YOU Believe You’re a Genius Then You ARE
  • How to Open Your World to New Possibilities, Happiness & Love
  • Know The Reasons Why You Create Your REALITY
  • Your Mindset Matters – Get a Grip!
  • The Universe is Calling YOU — Answer It!
  • 19 Ways YOU Are Very Special & Destined For Joy!
  • Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back? (Worksheet)
  • Reprogramming Your
  • Subconscious Mind (Worksheet)
  • Remind Yourself Every Day of Your Progress
  • Is Your Happiness Advantage
  • Backwards? Fix-It!
  • Model the World’s Happiest Monk – 15 Minutes a Day

GreatMind Stream

Develop a kindred spirit mindset of thoughts and ideas related to LIVING LOVING and LEARNING a proud life on your terms!  


  • Embrace YOUR 5 Core Human Needs
  • Creating a Self-Concept that Serves Me WELL! 
  • You Can Climb Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
  • 10 Powerful Assumptions About YOU
  • Depression – Anxiety (Checklist)
  • How to Ditch Negative Thoughts and Become the Master of Your Mind
  • Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Change
  • Does Our MESSED up World Cause You Anxiety? 
  • Change Your Thought Patterns (Checklist)
  • Small Changes Big Impact Actions Change Your Life (Worksheet)
  • How To Use Your Mind To Create a Better Future
  • Do You Live Two Radically Different Lifestyles?
  • Stop Over Analyzing Yourself
  • The Impact of Negative Thinking on Your Everyday Life
  • Know Yourself – Discover Powerful Ways That Help
  • Destiny Says You’re at the Life Stage You Should Be At
  • 10 Methods To Cultivate Personal Growth (Checklist)
  • Reframe Self Critical Thoughts – Boost Self Esteem (Worksheet)
  • How Being Grateful Will Make You Better?
  • Discover the 72 Emotions That Make You Human
  • The Most Important Principles of Learning Anything New
  • Have You Ever Contemplated or Witnessed Suicide?
  • The Pain – Pleasure of Procrastination
  • I’ve Fallen Into The Society Trap & Want to GET OUT! – Great Joe Rogan Video
  • What A Caveman Can Teach You About Simple Living

Vital Habits Stream

Bring VITALITY to your life! More of what you want and less of what you don’t want. 

Develop recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behaviour acquired through frequent repetition. 


  • 5 Questions I Should ASK Before I Create a Morning Ritual
  • Well-Formed Outcomes – the Power to Change Your World
  • Daily – Weekly Rituals Are Vital Habits – 3 Power Questions
  • Three Habits to Help Deal with Indecisiveness
  • Mondays Don’t Have to Suck – How I Found My Morning Bliss
  • Discipline Your Mind to Create Your Reality
  • 5 Things I Can Do NOW To LIVE a Happier Life
  • 6 Mental Habits to Avoid If I Want a Meaningful Life
  • 5 Reason Why I Should Get Into The Habit Of LEARNING
  • 5 Healthy Habits I Wish I Knew Sooner
  • 3 Simple Ways To STOP Insisting On Perfection
  • 3 Ways I Could Be Happier And Get JOY HABITS of Lifetime Gratitude
  • How I CREATE Habits That Conquer And HEAL Fears (Worksheet)
  • Easy Productivity Habits That Get Me Results NOW
  • A Yoga Habit Feeds My Mind, Body, Soul
  • Join the Early Morning Challenge
  • The Morning Habits of Gaga, Ellen, Barak, Richard Branson

Create 2 Inspire Stream


Be filled and fill others with positive feelings, thoughts, actions and outcomes. 

Learn to inspire and be inspired every day!


  • This is What My PASSION Looks Like — Show Me Yours?
  • Are You Destined For Greatness?
  • Epic Personal Challenges BIGGER than YOU Are Worth It
  • How To Focus When Surrounded By Natural Beauty
  • Master Your Craft, Embrace the Mess, Have Fun
  • Look for Moments of Inspiration EVERY DAY
  • How To Overcome The Pain Of Making Inspirational Podcasts
  • A Story of Trilogy – Crafting Moments of Pain Into Art
  • Brazil Trip: How Do YOU Focus When Surrounded By So Much Beauty?
  • Go DEEP not BIG
  • Bad Shit Happens to Good People
  • How to Start Building a Better World Around Yourself
  • The Ultimate ManCave
  • Making The Most Of A Fresh Start (Checklist)

Healthy Connections Stream


Form kindred connections and connect to a state of bein through honesty, trust, healthy power dynamics, respect, good communication, a strong sense of self-worth, and safety.


  • Why Are Open Relationships So Awkward To Discuss?
  • What Is Non-Monogamy?
  • Non-Monogamous Relationships – Research Worth Sharing
  • Are You With The Right Partner? – Do What Matters
  • Non-Monogamy Advice
  • How to Date Outside Your Type (Checklist)
  • Survey – What I Want MORE and LESS of In My Relationship
  • Survey – What’s The Health Of YOUR Relationship with your ‘SIGNIFICANT OTHER’
  • Relationship Check-Up – Are Trust and Honesty Part of Your Relationship?
  • Survey – Your 10 Point Relationship Check-Up
  • Are You Addicted To That Feeling of ‘Being In Love’ ?
  • How Do I Attract MORE GOOD People Into My Life?
  • 5 Relationship Rules To LIVE By
  • Why YOU Must Learn to Forgive
  • 9 Steps To Forgiving, Letting Go And Moving On (Checklist)
  • What Do You Do With a High Maintenance Friend
  • There’s a Cute Guy On The Other Boat!
  • He’s So Nice He Makes Me Uncomfortable
  • How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Worksheet)

Essential Skills Stream

Live Love Learn skillsets that are essential to thrive in today’s crazy world! 


  • HOW TO – Craft YOUR New Definition of Success
  • Success Mindset (Worksheet)
  • Survey – Let’s Chat About YOUR Romantic Assertiveness
  • How To Write Your Own Success Story (Checklist)
  • The 2020 Attitude That Will Serve Me Well In My Golden Years
  • How Epic Failure Brings GREAT Success in Life
  • Powerful Life Principles That Will Help You Get What Matters
  • Are You a Constructive Irritant? – Good For You!
  • 3 Things That Will Help YOU Gain New Wisdom
  • Rate 14 Self-Determined Skills and Behaviours 
  • Are You An Attention Seeker?
  • Your Parents Success Strategies Won’t Necessarily Work For YOU
  • Build A Strong Foundation (Assessment)
  • Learn How to Live with ZERO Regrets (Checklist)
  • Lifestyle Tweaks You Can Make For Health
  • Dealing With Unpleasant Emotions Non Aggressively
  • Learn to Learn – How You Experience the Most Success
  • Changing Your Behaviour (Checklist)
  • What Does Living On My Terms Mean?
  • 25 Strategies To Lift You Up When You Feel Down (Checklist)
  • Making Superior Decisions (Checklist)
  • Stop Living Life As A Victim (Checklist)
  • 5 Happy Reasons We All Benefit From Your Kindness
  • Learn Smart Goal Setting (Flow Chart)
  • Oversimplified – How To Overcome Depression On Your Own
  • Using The Pareto Principle For A More Fulfilling Life
  • Vipassana Meditation Feeds The Art of Living

Strategic Work Stream

Develop the strategic art of matching your spirit with commerce by focusing on the good efforts and outcomes – on your terms. 


  • 5 Collaborative Learning Goals – 14 Benefits
  • Avoid Workaholic Habits – Get a Meaningful Life Now
  • 3 Smart Reasons NOT to Rely on Classroom Education
  • What You Need To Do To Learn From Your Experiences
  • When The Road To Your Dreams Sucks Do You Quit? — Of Course NOT!
  • Young People Have No Illusions of a Comfy Corporate Job
  • What Do YOU Do When You Fall Into a RUT?
  • Office Pod Conspiracy — or Not?
  • Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Project Manager
  • Business Strategy (Checklist)
  • Stress Spending Money on a Big Idea
  • You’re Self-Employed – The Flu – No Sick Pay? – Hang in There!
  • When YOU Lose Your Job and Want to Avoid Pain
  • The Gift of Your Abolished Position Will Happen To YOU!
  • Know Your Return On Influence (ROI)
  • Why – Sometimes It Takes 19 Blog Revisions – SMART and HARD
  • 7 Ways I Will Ensure a Work-life Balance  

ProudLife LGBTQ Stream

Feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which YOU measure your stature or self-worth. 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (one’s sexual or gender identity) person or ally.


  • LEARN To Be An Assertive Gay Man!
  • Gay Open Relationship – Yes or No?
  • What Purpose Does Gay Dating Apps Play? 
  • Ryan Asks – Why Is It Hard For Gay Men to Find LOVE?
  • 12 Ways Empathy Brings YOU closer to YOUR Man
  • Don’t Mess With My Gay Mojo
  • Survey – Your View on LGBTQ Open-Relationships
  • 5 Things Fairness and Equality in a Same-Sex Relationship Mean?
  • Why It’s OK To Talk About LGBTQ Open Relationships
  • 9 Reasons to Plan Sex With Your Special Man
  • Coming Out as a Gay Man – Good Advice & Support Wanted
  • Coming OUT To Family And Friends Can Be The Scariest Thing You’ll Ever Do

It's still possible to LIVE, LOVE, WORK on YOUR OWN Terms ,
Let me guide you!

BookVille Must Read Books


Dan’s ever-growing list of recommended books that complement your lessons. 


  • Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown [Book]
  • Man’s Search For Meaning By Viktor Frankl [Book]
  • The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip & Dan Heath [Book]
  • The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton [Book]
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport [BOOK]
  • Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story by Steve Kamb [Book]
  • Write It Down Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want and Getting It by Henriette Anne Klauser [Book]
  • The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan Haidt [Book]
  • Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown [Book]
  • You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins [Book]
  • The Shift by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer [Book]
  • Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age by Jeff Goins [Book]
  • High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Buchard [Book]
  • Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success by Benjamin Hardy [Book]

Case Study Stream

Significant, measurable know-how, plus the guts to use all those talents to better the people, programs or projects over the years. 


  • I Was PROUD to Lead one of the BEST National Internship Programs
  • We Collaborated To Offer…
  • We Won Proposals Against Tough Assessment Criteria
  • Curriculum Renewal Fosters National Collaborations – CASE STUDY
  • We Created – Launched a National Program Brand Identity Campaign With IMPACT! – CASE STUDY
  • Skill Development – Capacity Building Conference a Hit With Staff – CASE STUDY
  • Pilot Project Achieves Targets – Exceeds Expectations
  • Curated Participant Success Stories With Impact – CASE STUDY
  • A Social Impact Statement That Helped Get Funding – CASE STUDY
  • Committed to Develop a Model of Collaborative Delivery Beyond What They Had
  • Collaborated With Young Leaders to Launch an Enterprise Wiki – CASE STUDY
  • Quality Assurance Wiki Becomes National Go-To Resource – CASE STUDY
  • Visited Program Sites – Something Special Happened – CASE STUDY

Dan's Sailboat Metaphores Stream

Join me on ‘AKIYA.” My 30’ sailboat is an evolving metaphor for practicing what I preach.  

If in Toronto, CANADA, then be my guest! 


  • Distracted by Beauty – Meet Dan on Akiya – Toronto Island
  • Stunning Video – Heading Into Fear With Confidence – Lake Ontario
  • My Spontaneous Sunday Afternoon Solo-Sail Bliss – Caught on Video
  • Sail Through Your Fears In Life
  • Imagine Having a Work-Space Like This – YOU CAN! Toronto Island [BD-M1]
  • Launch with Passion – Boating Season Starts
  • A gift to SELF — Play Hookie on YOUR Birthday – Toronto Island Sail 
  • I Hear Thunder – Don’t Give a Crap – What Would You Do?
  • Watch This Incredible Sunset View – Imagine Being There…WOW! 
  • Watch Me Accept Scratches, Bruises, Being Tired as Part of Life
  • Have Fun Losing Your Composure [BD-M3]
  • Count Birthday Blessings – Friendly Experiences On My Sailboat
  • Imagine YOUR Rush Hour Commute Like This
  • The Toronto Skyline, Spontaneous Boat Ride That Feeds My Soul [BD-M3]
  • A Day On The Water With Friends – Private Toronto Island Sailboat Tours
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