Can YOU Agree?

  • There’s no easy path in life.
  • I have unused potential.
  • I get satisfaction feeling and helping others find joy.
  • I must embrace self-awareness and new essential skills.
  • I am ready to address the good, bad and unique about myself.

Lean into fears, shed obstacles, and truly live life on your terms and the terms of those near and dear to you.

Today far too many self-help brands over-promise and under-deliver. Tossing a bunch of pdfs, video links and ‘here do this’ resources won’t necessarily solve your current real-world problems or help take your shit to the next level!

Perhaps it’s as simple as; Maybe your life sucks a bit more than you prefer, and you know you need to wisely invest the effort (and resources) to make the shift from where you are now to where you would like to be in the coming weeks, months, years!

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , Can YOU Agree?

A Mix of Paid and Free Content

Subscribe to something inspirational, then try a FREE mini-series or dive right into a paid FULL FOCUS program.

At Your Own Pace

Ease into it with as little as 10 minutes a day or dive into the content with all your might. As you move from option to option, your journey is supported by a Mentor Coach.

Our Learning Systems

Our platform uses a ‘best-in-class’ Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). Your privacy, security and ease of use are critical.

With an LMS and CRM system, it’s easy to track the content subscribed to, and what you’ve best or completed material was.


Quizzes and lessons to personalize your experience and ensure you’re making progress in getting what you expect. We aim to meet or exceed your expectations!

Ten Focus28 Wins! 

  1. Expand Beliefs 
  2. Enjoy a more sustainable life
  3. Experience Vital Habits
  4. Find Meaning and Focus
  5. Discover Inspired Spaces
  6. Foster Creative Endeavors 
  7. Embrace Existential Change
  8. Nurture Transformative Relationships
  9. Strive for more; Significance, Contribution, Connection, Belonging and Personal Growth
  10. Understand what LGBTQ diversity and social inclusion are in ACTION. 
Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , Ten Focus28 Wins!

What can you do this week to get exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking, being or doing? I’ll keep you ACCOUNTABLE, FOCUSED, and ON-TRACK.


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All you have to do is watch a new video or listen to a new audio. Then take the action steps outlined in each lesson.


After 28 days you’ll have your own customized ritual that will support you with reaching all of your goals that will now become a part of your life.

I Promise you; I will....

  • make the content you get about YOU the reader, not about me or what I am selling.
  • Take people who are curious about what I do and turn them into loving fans.
  • Use my best content — the kind that makes readers glad every time they click-through.
  • Not exaggerate, or over-promise.
  • Collaborate to help you solve the problems you want to solve. To give you the short, quick wins, you need to achieve results.
  • Show you a genuine, no bull approach that offers the practical ADVICE, SUPPORT & RESOURCES.

I Believe That How You Feel & Start
Each Morning Is Going To Determine, Or At Least  Influence The Rest Of Your Day

It's still possible to LIVE, LOVE, WORK on YOUR OWN Terms ,
Let me guide you!

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FindMeaning Stream

myJournaling Stream

EssentialSkills Stream

FindMeaning Stream

Create2Inspire Stream

GreatMind Stream

I Help YOU Gain Personal & Professional GROWTH

Training without actual personal growth isn't training.

Since we learn self-awareness and skill-development by practicing, your DanTrep training program should get you out in the world among people, exploring your new skills and applying them to your life in concrete ways.

In our online training, beyond the live Q&A and coaching available, I offer DanTrep ENERGY builders and STEALTH assignments – unique protocols that are part of each cornerstone learning module.

These unique builders and assignments help you apply your new skills to yourself and among others.

Few online programs offer a unique method of integrating Essential Skills into your life. The result? Actual personal growth and development in the real world.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer , READ: 5 Essential Elements of Quality Training with Dan Trepanier

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